Global Community Assessment: Australia Essay

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Global Community Assessment: Australia
The sound of the engine was deafening. Then again maybe my heartbeat was the sound pounding in my ears. Sudden panic mixed with excitement over takes me as I think, "what have I gotten myself into now?!" But, then I look over at my partner in this so crazy it-just-might-work adventure. I take a deep cleansing breath and look at the picture of my boys, which I have secured to my in-flight reading materials. They all said the flight is the worst part, from there the action will be of a different sort. The clinic would be up and running in no time, but first there was some prep work ahead of us. Taking a cue from my partner who is reading up on our assignment of the Indigenous people of Australia, I take a deep another breath and begin to study the research we have collected. In Public Health Equality Journal, Daly (2012) noted that Western Australian is a problematic area for Australia, when it comes to the Indigenous or Aboriginal people of the land. These people have a rich history in culture, but also have disparities in many other areas. However the health care and lack of access to services is equally as troubling. There is an overgrowth of junk food and sodas, but not much in the way of healthy food or services that can help battle chronic diseases. Education of health related topics such as chronic disease is also severely lacking. This trip and the subsequent clinics that will be set up are meant to help bridge the gap between disparities of health care provided to this at risk population of the Indigenous people of Western Australia (Daly, 2012).
Global Nursing: A Collaborative Effort
The nursing role in international health as indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO) is that nurses are fundamental to healthcare, and are the largest workforce within healthcare providers worldwide (Huntington et al., 2009). Nurses in this 2009 study stated that in examination of the quality of nursing care, there was a theory-practice gap. Skills training may be lacking for some Australian nurses, as well as the problem of a decrease in the workforce. Many nurses from outside countries have come in to assist with the nursing shortage and lack of skills in Australia areas (Huntington, 2009). The International Council of nurses reflects that potential for negative outcomes to patients could be associated to a shortage of nurses that is currently taking place in Australia (Huntington et al., 2009). These inequalities in nursing care are a part of the reason for our travels to this great country of Australia. The clinic that we will set up, with the help of the Royal Flying Doctors, will strive to close this gap in the nursing care provided, as well as in the inequalities of care available in rural communities. We study other countries and assist in their care with relationship to global health, given that we are all interconnected. What happens in other countries also impacts...

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