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Global Competitiveness Paper

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The world is moving towards an integrated and interdependent world economy. An economy where in firms are expanding globally to increase their profitability in a number of ways not available to purely domestic enterprises. This step can be clearly seen in the case of the company "Clear Vision" manufacturer and distributor of eyewear which was started in the 1970's by David Glassman. This multinational firm has production facilities on three continents and serves consumers worldwide. This U.S based firm found it difficult to meet the expenses of manufacturing home, to survive in the competitive period Clear Vision had to move import this decision aroused from the fact that importing was low. Clear Vision now wanted to product best products with low cost and high quality thus it decided to manufacture in China assemble in Hong Kong R&D in Japan since Japan has the qualities which ensure cutting edge technology and designing in France and Italy as these two countries posses high skill designers. This strategy adopted by Glassman held justice in every aspect of the country as all the countries fell in the category of a strong economy. The big question raised for this paper was should Clear Vision continue or amend its strategy.Personally I feel that Clear Vision has done the write thing by adopting this strategy. It would be clearer by assessing countries individually on the basis of their current and future economic growth.CHINA: China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As home of a quarter of the human race and a substantial portion of its resources, it has great potential while most of the world has endured recession and weak growth Greater china has enjoyed a boom. The rise of Great China may be the transcendent economic event of the next two decades. According to the China has a future to become the world's largest economy even greater than that of America. Taking these factors into consideration it's definitely a plus point in manufacturing in China where not only cheap and surplus labor but also skilled labor prevails. The products manufactured in China have a trademark of quality. Recently China gained...


Comparative Study on Competitiveness of Sino-US Services Trade

3421 words - 14 pages the development of China’s service. This is also the purpose and significance of this paper. 2 THE BASIC CONCEPT AND THEORY OF COMPETITIVENESS OF SERVICE TRADE 2.1 The basic concept of service trade 2.1.1 The definition of service trade The word “trade service” first appeared in a report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (1972). It is mainly aimed at the reformation of service trade barriers in the ‘Tokyo round’. The

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5435 words - 22 pages nation and also supported the leadership of the country in the field of economy and technology, to overcome the global competitiveness. After the year 2002, the European Commission has provided an enormously strong base for the industrial policy of the European Union.During this period, the communication channel focused on the slower speed of the growth productivity in European Union. The communication channel absorbed the attention of the


6738 words - 27 pages commodity chains and Third World development" a paper for an informal workshop (Geneva, ILO), 1995, p. 9.D'Cruz, J.R.: "Business networks for global competitiveness" in Business Quarterly (University of Western Ontario, Canada), Summer, 1993, p. 93.Goldman, Steven L., et al.: Agile competitors and virtual organizations (Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York), 1994.Drucker, P.: "Trade lessons from the world economy" in Foreign Affairs (Council of Foreign

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1508 words - 6 pages adopting a series of social policies (Yeates, 2007, p.640). Because of new structure of global labour division and pressure to maintain economic competitiveness advantages, Globalization has made this full protection become more expensive for governments and uneconomic to comprehensive strengths of countries. However, this does not necessarily mean the diminishing of ‘welfare’ states as the deepening process of globalization and welfare states

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1268 words - 5 pages In this position paper, the past and current positions of America owned companies as a force in the global marketplace will be discussed. Factors influencing the United States' role will be offered. The future of globalization and the role of American owned companies will be discussed.Past and Current Position of American CompaniesAmerican companies have been force in global business since the end of World War II. The devastated economies of

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690 words - 3 pages ; Snow, 2009). The global war is said to about world brand dominance. This adds an entirely new dimension to strategic brand management. Today, brands should thrive globally to survive locally. A brand's marketing strategy must not only compete with regional or national brands' but also with international competitors' marketing strategies (Kotler & Pfoertsch, 2006). RationaleThis research paper will describe marketing and brand management in many

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994 words - 4 pages to compete favorably in the global scholarship arena. It is against this background that the paper seeks to assess the effectiveness of educational policies in Saudi Arabia in responding to developmental issues, and how these policies compare with educational policies in the United States (Zvika, 2007). The paper will begin by justifying the relevance of the discourse through a background study, before discussing the similarities and

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1686 words - 7 pages globally and locally. This paper will focus on the fashion trend of the Zara case study. The paper will look at the varied roles that consumers play in the market and how the alter the market. From this, the paper will focus on the globalization of Zara from how it started and to how it grew to become a global company. Then the paper focuses on the theories that arise from the Zara case study and how they relate to the company’s techniques to appeal


3454 words - 14 pages choice of foreign market entry. This article points out how a country's politics play an important factor when deciding choice of location as it almost always has an impact on operations.Global business strategy: A contingency approach Lemak, David J, Arunthanes, Wiboon. Multinational Business Review. Detroit: Spring 1997. Vol. 5, Iss. 1; pg. 26, 12 pgsThis paper discusses standardization versus adaptation of products in the global market thru a

The Competitiveness of the Hospitality Industry in the Context of Globalization

3896 words - 16 pages wider audience and a wider consumer base. With these considerations, this paper shall critically evaluate the competitiveness of the international hospitality industry in the context of globalization. A discussion on the globalization drivers shall first be laid out followed by a discussion on the following aspects: the impact of globalization, impact of transnational companies and multinational companies and deregulation, impact of

The Welfare State and Government Responses to Economic Openness

1692 words - 7 pages globalization have resulted in global economic growth, prosperity, and have increased the overall standard of living in the world. However, globalization has also been blamed as being the principal culprit for numerous global problems including poverty, wealth disparity, and environmental degradation. The debate over globalization has resulted in a zero-sum game between the pursuit of economic openness and the maintenance of the welfare state

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