Global Distribution Inc.'s Security Policy Regarding Computer Usage

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Acceptable Use Policy
Purpose --The purpose of this policy is to detail acceptable computer usage at Global Distribution Inc. Adhering to acceptable usage standards protects the user and the company from potential attack.
Scope -- This policy applies to all personnel associated with Global Distribution Inc., whether permanent personnel, temporary, or contractor. This policy applies to all equipment owned and operated by Global Distribution Inc.
Policy -- Acceptable Use -- All users requesting access to Global Distribution Inc workstations and network resources will be required to sign an acknowledgement of acceptable use policies. All users should exercise good judgment while using business network resources for personal use. All users will adhere to password policy. All workstations will lock with password requirement upon ten minutes of idling. All users are responsible for the secrecy of their password. Do not write down or share a password with anyone.
Unacceptable Use -- Users should not engage in any illegal activities while using Global Distribution Inc workstations or network resources. Users should not allow others to utilize their account. Port scanning is expressly prohibited. The sending of unsolicited email is prohibited. Harassment via email or over Global Distribution Inc. equipment is prohibited. Authorized users should not express personal opinion via blogs with Global Distribution Inc name attached. Any employee found to be in violation of any of these policies is subject to disciplinary action and/or termination of employment.
Physical Access Security Policy.
Purpose – This policy is intended to detail procedures for granting access, control of access, and revocation of access to approved users of Global Distribution Inc. network devices.
Scope – This policy applies to all employees and authorized users associated with Global Distribution Inc., to include administrators.
Policy – All physical security systems will be inspected annually and must adhere to building and fire code policies. Employee requests for access to Global Distribution Inc facilities must be approved for physical access to be granted. Upon approval of access, the requester will receive a key card which he/she will use for access to facilities. This key will not be shared with any other person. Visitors must sign in at the receptionist and receive a visitor ID tag. Visitors are required to sign Global Distribution Inc. entry log and are required to wear the visitor ID tag which they are issued. Failure to adhere to this policy can result in disciplinary action and/or termination. Visitors found on the premises without proper identification will be escorted to the receptionist for check-in and ID issue.
Securing Sensitive Information Policy
Purpose – The purpose of this policy is to detail information classification and security levels within Global Distribution Inc. and the measures of security take for each level to ensure the...

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