Global Dominance Of The English Language

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Global Dominance of the English Language
In the year 2014, the language that is most spoken around the world is English. There are currently 1.5 billion people that speak English as their first language, second language or as a foreign language. The English language has had a great impact on the world as a whole. English is still the dominant language that is spoken throughout the world. Although the language has evolved over time and changed in many ways it has still stuck around and became a language that was spread throughout the world. This paper will go into detail how English was established as a dominant language and the history of the language spreading. I will also explain why the ...view middle of the document...

It would be a total of 102 people that traveled for a new life in the early years of America. The language would expand even more when by 1640 there were 25,000 immigrants that had traveled to the area. The groups had a very unique accent which was described as a “characteristic accent”. The sounds of the words s and r were heard after vowels. This accent is still heard currently in the 21st century. In New England there was a tendency not to pronounce the “r” in words; it can still dominant to this day. In 1720, there were about 50,000 Irish immigrants to arrive in America.
Though England was a big influence on how the English language was spreading throughout America, the Spanish, Dutch and French were starting to take over different territories within America. Germans and Africans were now a part of the American population. In the nineteenth century there was a big migration to the USA from Europe to escape poverty and look for better life opportunities. Most of these immigrants came to speak English after and adaption to the society. In 1990,” the census reported that the people who had spoken English in the home were 198 million people which were 86% of the country’s population” (Crystal 30).
America wasn’t the only country were the English language was being spoken. There was Canada, The Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, South African and South Asia. The English language was first brought to Canada as early as 1497. John Cabot who is an Italian navigator had a big impact of bringing the English to Canada. The language took over after the defeat in the Queen Anne’s War and the French settlers were deported and replaced by New England settlers. There were more settlers to come from Europe. Canadian English can be easily compared to the English that was spoken in North America due to its early connection with the language.
The Caribbean was introduced to English in 1547 as a punishment by the Spanish to the important African slaves that worked on sugar plantations. There were ships from Europe that travelled to the West African coast to exchange goods for the slaves. The purpose of the slave-traders doing this was to bring people from different backgrounds and languages to America so it would be hard to plan a rebellion. When they arrived in Caribbean it continued and the English language started to spread throughout the southern plantations, towns and islands. The British English was also spreading throughout the Caribbean and becoming the language that was being used.
Slavery was on a big impact on how the English language spread due to the slave trade. The English language was being spoken and brought back to the Caribbean and the language was being spoken between the landowners and the slaves as a way of communication. This began to start the development of Creole English which was used throughout the southern plantations.
By the end of the eighteenth century the English language had spread throughout the southern hemisphere....

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