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As human beings, it is in our nature to wonder what the earth will be like in the future. Several people imagine a world where technology will allow human to relax while robots take care of daily responsibilities. In addition, some theorists fear that earth’s climate will be too hot for humans to survive. When thinking about our world in the future, many overlook the change that will take place in our language. However, linguists are fully aware of the shift that will take place within the English language as our world continues to evolve. In the future, English will intermingle with short message service (SMS) language and American minority languages, deviate away from oral ...view middle of the document...

In the United States specifically, cellular phones are seen in the hands of children starting as early as age 5. Texting, as SMS is commonly referred to as, has created a time where language has to be conveyed in the quickest form possible. Thus, texting has conceived a more efficient abbreviated form of the American English language, known as the SMS language or text speak.
Texting impacted America’s younger generation heavily, mainly because children’s absorbent minds were able to master the new method of typing and interacting faster than occupied adults. Exasperated by the American school system’s emphasis on grammar and spelling correctness, the younger population unconsciously invented a language full of abbreviations, acronyms, and incomplete sentences known as text speak. As this simplified English language continues to flourish with the advancement of SMS, text speak also is embedding it’s phrases within our future English language. According to writer Marissa Harshman, text speak is becoming prominent in children’s school assignments. However, the SMS language is not only impacting the art of rhetoric and writing. Several test speak acronyms are beginning to be expressed through oral communication. For example, hyperboles such as the phrase “oh my god” has been commonly replaced with the popular text speak acronym “OMG”. With the increase of new technological ways to interact, the English language will continue to simplify. Thus, in the future we will have an English language that views speaking with acronyms and abbreviations as common.
Throughout American history the United States has been referred to as the “Melting Pot”, because of the several ethnic groups and cultures that immigrated to America. Racial barriers have not been easy to conquer and minorities have suffered many days of oppression in America. In recent decades, several of these racial barriers have been broken and minorities have begun to be embraced within the American society. Therefore, the American community is vastly welcoming interracial couples and multiethnic Americans. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Racial Statistic Branching, multiracial Americans are the country’s quickest developing demographic group. If this population continues to grow, multiracial Americans will become the majority in the United States. Thus, cultures, dialects, and different languages will amalgamate and possibly alter the English language. For instance, because of the Mexican immigration Spanish has become English’s second...

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