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Global Health Essay

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"The failure to engage in the fight to anticipate, prevent, and ameliorate global health problems would diminish America's stature in the realm of health and jeopardize our own 
health, economy, and national security, " stated by The Institute of Medicine. Global health refers to health phenomenon that transcends across national borders. For instance, global health would address predicaments such as: infectious and insect-borne diseases that can spread from one country to another. Thus, global health should be addressed by collaborative actions and solutions. On the other hand, countries tend to focus on other essential issues that are occurring in the present day and therefore, overlook the global health issue. Some issues that countries focus on are the environment, education, and the economy. According to the National Post, The Dominion Institute conducted a poll in the year 2008 for young Canadians on determining what are the most important issues. The results for the significant issues according to young Canadians were twenty-seven percent for environment, twenty-five percent for education, seventeen percent for the economy and fifteen percent for health. Overall, global health has been a debated topic on the level of importance it should bear within a country
Global health should be a great concern for Canadians or for any other country. There are several reasons why countries should address the global health issue. One approach to designate global health as an important issue is to bring it into the philanthropist perspective. According to the UNAIDS statistics, there were two million deaths due to AIDS in 2008 and is still a growing number. (Worldwide HIV & AIDS Statistics, 2009) Furthermore, more than three million people die per year from tuberculosis and malaria. (Worldwide HIV & AIDS Statistics, 2009) Most of these people who have contracted these diseases are from developing countries. Thus, finding methods of educating people, and providing medical aid for these preventable diseases can avoid many deaths. Second reason for attending global health issue is for balancing resources. According to The Lancet Journal, ninety percent of the world’s health care resources are spent on diseases that affect only ten percent of the world’s population. (Norris, 2009) Therefore, ensuring that resources are evenly distributed throughout the world would assist to limit the diseases from spreading from country to country. Third, global health can influence Canadians indirectly such as, the increase of diseases. Some of these diseases becoming more prevalent is HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB and are increasing poverty and political instability within countries. (Worldwide HIV & AIDS Statistics, 2009) Thus, global health should be a concern because it can help prevent civil conflict in other countries. (Worldwide HIV & AIDS Statistics, 2009) Fourth, global health should be a concern across all nations as there is more contact amongst people because of...

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