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Global Health And Diabetes Essay

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Global health is defined as “health problems, issues, or concerns that transcend national borders” (Institute of Medicine, 1997, p. 2). Koplan (2009) proposed a new definition for global health which he described as an “area for study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide” (para, 7). Global health emphasizes transnational health issues, determinants, and solutions from an interdisciplinary perspective and blends population health and clinical care.
Global health means many things to many people. In the world view of this writer, global health describes the study of the health needs of the global community and its effect on the world as a collective. From this writer’s viewpoint, for global health to be successful it must strive to ensure health for all and be built on the core principles of social justice, grounded in science, focused on prevention and control of diseases, and linked to governments and public policy (Merson, Black, & Mills, 2006). This writer is aware of the need to improve the health of the global community and hopes to use this paper to do the following: (a) Elaborate on why this writer was drawn towards a global health career and discuss plans for her future in this area, and (b) Discuss the pressing issue of global diabetes and propose remedial actions that could be implemented during this writer’s global health career.
The desire to work in global health has been a long term dream of this writer. However, after deep introspection, the decision to pursue global health as a career stemmed from sense of obligation and the need to give back to the community. Growing up in the West Indies in the 1960s, this writer’s parents like many West Indian medical professionals of that time migrated to London to fill voids for medical careers in the National Health Services (NHS). Forty years later, it is unbelievable that this writer and her siblings would do the same, becoming part of the ‘brain drain” from the West Indies. For this reason, there is an awesome sense of obligation to give back to the global community. Once I complete my doctoral degree, this writer hopes to obtain an overseas appointment to work in Africa in chronic diseases. This writer hopes to do work in Africa or other developing country until retirement, after which she hopes to work as a medical missionary, teach at the university level, and write novels, devotionals, and short stories. Presently, the global community struggles under a multitude of epidemics; however, an area of concern for this writer is globalization and its effect on the prevention of Type 2 diabetes. Globalization is as a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations which is driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology (The Lewin Institute, n.d.). Siegler and Vengat Narayan (2008) propose that globalization...

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