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Global Health Crisis Essay

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The global health crisis has been a major problem in recent years, probably the worst it has been in modern history. The least developed countries are the main victims of this problem, and many people believe that more powerful developed countries are not doing enough or helping out to try and eradicate this problem. The most deadly infectious diseases that are taking over the populations and killing millions of people are malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, influenza, diarrheal diseases such as cholera and dysentery, and respiratory infections. These diseases are seriously threatening the political and economic structures of many LDC's, such as South Africa, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia. These infectious diseases are also increasingly affecting Russia, China, Europe and the United States. The economic costs of infectious diseases, most notably HIV/AIDS and malaria, are having a significantly heavy affect on productivity, profitability, and foreign investment. This will lead to growing GDP losses, that could reduce GDP by as much as 20 percent or more by 2010 in some Sub-Saharan African countries, according to recent studies2.

Because the US has not had to deal with the full effect of the disease crisis, many believe that the U.S. should have a moral obligation to help the people in LDC's and other countries because they do not have the power, economy or stability to help themselves. With the vast growing global economy it would also be in the best interest to help many of the LDC's that are suffering from these diseases. The world has lost sight of its important concern to get rid of poverty through better health and promote development by fighting deadly infectious disease. These diseases are not only a health issue; they have become a social problem with major consequences for the well being of human beings and the stability of the world we live in. We need to recognize these diseases as a common threat that has been ignored for a long time at a very high expense, and they need to be confronted3.

Because of increased travel and trade it also affects our country, and by helping the LDC's the US would also help itself by stopping the spread of diseases worldwide. Many infectious diseases, the newest one to note being the West Nile virus, originate outside of US territory and are brought in by international travelers, immigrants, returning US military personnel, or imported animals and foods 4. The US needs to give money and vaccines to other countries more then it is now in order to stop the diseases from entering. The US cannot just sit by and let other dies when we have the medicines and the technology to help these people who have no means by which to escape from this problem. If the US is able to set them in the right direction they could be better off and in the end we could be better off as well. These people would not be spreading the diseases in as large an amount as before. "New and...

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