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I. AbstractThis paper is aiming in an extended analysis on how International Herald Tribune(IHT) can become European Herald Tribune(EHT). In order to achieve this we are making a thorough research on the various aspects that might affect our establishment. We are focusing on the different characteristics of political, economic, legal and cultural environment of each country.After we state that the core mission of EHT is to focus on the national and increasingly pan European knowledge audience, and after examining the prospective markets, we are establishing a common strategy on how we will operate and attract our customers. At this point we emphasize on the human resource structure, the responsibilities of our employees and the partnerships we are going to generate.Finally as we have examined in detail our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats we present EHT accompanied with strategic plans on future development and tactics on possible crisis.II. IHT1. Historical InformationThe International Herald Tribune founded in 1967, is the premier international newspaper for opinion leaders and decision makers around the world. It combines the extensive resources of its own correspondents with those of The New York Times.In 1980 the IHT begins sending page images via satellite from Paris to Hong Kong, making it the first daily newspaper to be electronically sent across continents, making it simultaneously available to readers on opposite sides of the world.In 1991 The Washington Post and The New York Times become sole and equal shareholders of the newspaper.In 2001 IHT.TV, a fast-paced 30-minute business program launches.By 2003 the New York Times acquires full ownership of the International Herald Tribune.The International Herald Tribune presents a balanced, objective and tightly-edited package of world news, commentary and features six days a week. Although it is considered a general-interest newspaper, it devotes 40% of its space to business/financial news. In addition to global business and feature stories, the IHT's Business section carries key financial statistics including quotations for stocks listed on 35 global exchanges and exchange rates for 47 currencies. Regional briefings provide a concise overview of business and financial news from Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. The IHT also includes 4 p.m. closing information for the New York, American and NASDAQ stock exchanges. The IHT is the first truly global newspaper and is printed at 23 sites around the world.2. Main ActivitiesWorking with established newspaper publishers, the IHT has set up joint venture editorial and production companies to publish local sections that include domestic content in English.Publishing partnerships present additional advertising opportunities in the newspaper's pan-regional editions. The opportunities go beyond just being able to place country-specific advertising in the global publication. Thanks to the addition of concise but...

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