Global Inequalities (Zambia) Geography Research Paper

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Global Inequalities
The country Zambia is a developing country located in south Africa. There are 14.54 million people living there with over 60% of them living in poverty and 40% of those in extreme poverty.

Zambia, Africa (13.1339° South, 27.8493° East)
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In Zambia 1 in 2 children suffer from life threatening malaria or diarrhoea. 40% of child deaths come from preventable diseases. One third of the community does not have access to safe water and one half lives their life without adequate sanitation. These statistics could all be solved with safe fresh water for the people. But because of the uneven distribution of water, the people living in Zambia must walk for hours to find dirty water to drink. They know it is full of diseases, but they have no other choice. The people living in the community must walk for hours to collect this germ filled water from small ponds and streams. This is often women and children’s jobs, leaving them with no time to be able to learn at school. Some charities have started building boreholes, water tanks and protected wells for people to find safe and clean drinking water. Charities are also teaching people about good hygiene and how to get clean water. In the developed world, nearly all people have access to safe drinking water and to adequate sanitation.

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In Zambia healthcare is free but due to a severe lack of doctors and staff, there are not many and most are full with people suffering from severe malnutrition or other disease such as malaria or AIDS. It is also underfunded and very basic from the perception of the western culture. This means that any people who have serious medical conditions cannot get treatment and may end up dying from the disease. In developed countries people have quality healthcare and in Australia it is free. There are good trained doctors and the hospitals are sterile and equipped with what is needed for the patients admitted.

Health Care in Zambia
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It is estimated that 48.3% of ordinary Zambians are malnourished. This is from little to no access to good food. Zambian farmers face insecure land ownership, especially for women, decline in soil quality and the use of fertilizers that are poorly adapted to the growing conditions of Africa. This makes food extremely expensive and in large demand.
Developed countries on the other hand, have great access to quality and nutrient rich food. Farmers do not have to worry about land security and can grow crops and raise livestock, providing cheaper food to the citizens of the country.

World Vision Helping a Zambian Family with Growing Food
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In Zambia 70% of urban dwellers in the country live in slums. From a lack of housing in the urban regions, the people working and trying to make a living cannot care for their children or themselves. There is also open sewerage...

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