International Marketing Ethics: Bulgaria Essay

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As more business and marketing is done on a global level, an increasing number of marketers will need to deal with ethical issues in cross-cultural environments. "When companies operate abroad in the absence of home-country legal constraints, they face a continuum of choices concerning company ethics" (Keegan & Green, 2005, pg. 175). Marketing ethics are the principles and standards that help to guide appropriate conduct within an organization. While adjustments must often be made to accommodate local practices, it is also important to maintain company ethics. The purpose of this paper is to identify three of the most pertinent ethical issues that Riordan Manufacturing may face in marketing to Bulgaria.Riordan Manufacturing is considered an industry leader in the plastic injection molding industry. With facilities in California, Georgia, Michigan, and China, Riordan has the ability to fulfill both standard and unique job requirements. Riordan has high regard for its customers, knowing the customer is the reason for its success. Riordan is currently looking to expand its product line in Bulgaria, and would like to develop a strong working relationship within the country to ensure success. In light of this, Riordan will need to understand potential ethical issues they face in a new international environment. The primary issues that Riordan is likely to face are bribery, worker exploitation, and ethical business standards in which what may be considered unethical in the United States is not the same in Bulgaria.In regards to bribery, Riordan would not consider taking bribes to do business in Bulgaria, but the fact is that some of the bribery issues are occurring with international business transactions. "On 15 January 1999 the National Assembly adopted a Law amending the Criminal Code (published in "State Gazette" No 7 of 26 January 1999) whereby the active bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions was criminalised (Art.304, para. 3 of the Criminal Code)" (OECD, 2005, ¶ 2). However, steps are being taken to prevent this and legislation has been passed making it illegal. Riordan wants to makes certain that this standard is being upheld prior to expanding to Bulgaria, and can be certain that it is being addressed.Moral standards or ethics are not necessarily the same in Bulgaria as in the U.S. Bulgaria has certainly taken steps to minimize worker exploitation in which serious consequences to human welfare have the ability to benefit the people rather that injure them. Bulgaria continues to have problems with the exploitation of children, particularly with prostitution. Laws have been passed to avoid minor children from being exploited in the workplace, but Riordan will want to ensure they are not in a position to have children working in their place of business.Business ethics have been another issue that Bulgaria has worked to enhance. The start of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) has been...

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