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Global Operations Plan "World Fashion" China Essay

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Executive SummaryTeam B is an enthusiastic organization consisting of six of the industry's brightest individuals. We are comprised of technological experts, business professionals, and fashion industry experts. Together, we have more than 100 years of experience in the fashion and retail industry.Our goal is to offer our Chinese consumers an alternative method for purchasing the latest fashions. We take ordinary catalogue shopping to a new level by offering a virtual online catalogue. Our customers are able to mix and match any apparel and accessory in the catalogue and see how it would look like on a virtual model with a similar body shape as the customer. No longer will customers need to take a chance on purchasing various garments and accessories just to find out they are not to their liking.Much research has been conducted to ensure that Team B enters the Chinese market successfully. A joint venture with one of China's most successful and prestigious retailers will allow Team B to enter China; while reducing any political or economic risks. Team B will become well recognized in China and with the Chinese government with time and the company will be able to establish itself more independently. This plan will allow Team B to build a rapport with both the great people of China and the government.Team B's product will be offered throughout China to offer the fashion-conscientious customer a wide variety of today's latest fashions from Asia, Europe, and North America. As China continues to prosper and grow, Team B's product will be able to offer its customers; elegance and appropriate business attire that will make them stand out at affordable prices.Mission StatementMission statement: To be our customer's first choice in retail clothing by offering them the latest designs from Asia, Europe, and North America at affordable prices.With every business decision, especially ones that lead to entry into a global economy one must consider the global implications associated with that venture. No matter what the proposed product is, it is advantageous to follow some basic business principles such as strategic planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. It is also necessary to know what factors will contribute to growth in sales, revenue, politics, and the economy.The consumer sees our strength as dependability, a quick means of availability, and a way to save money. The internet has made it possible for customers to place orders in record times. The flip side to strengths would be the garment industry weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Every year, brings new fashion, updated clothing, and that new found fabric that is always being looked for that will turn the next generation of clothing into the next multimillion dollar maker. Threats are external factors, which may present a business or an industry with potential harm or failure. Some factors currently affecting our industry are the rising costs of materials, fuel, and aggressive...

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