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Global Peace In A Chaotic World?

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War it is such a vast word in our society today and seems to be everywhere. What is war? How do we define it in a technologically advanced society? Traditionally war involved armies fighting one another in a battle to overtake or annihilate the enemy. The concept is still the same although war is no longer contained to battlefields or between countries. These days we have civil wars within countries; economic war, race wars, religious wars, political wars and even class wars. Furthermore, the invention of nuclear weapons greatly increases tension and instability on a global level. Despite the current state of the world, most people would indicate the desire for world peace although, we have been unable to stop wars or obtain global peace. With the vast majority in favor of global peace, it should be easy to achieve although the turbulence in the world today demonstrates the opposite. Most scholars would agree that war regardless of the kind; is ultimately a struggle for power. This positions man in a perpetual state of war maybe that is what Mark Twain thought when he wrote, “Peace by persuasion has a pleasant sound, but I think we should not be able to work it. We should have to tame the human race first, and history seems to show that that cannot be done.” This begs the question is peace possible in this chaotic world full of wars and rumors of wars that threaten the very existence of mankind? By examining the causes of war, the lack of a workable international system and the obstacles that prevent a viable international system to promote peace will show that despite the desire for global peace it is unattainable.
The major reasons that nations and men go to war alone shows the improbability of obtaining global peace. Scholars have debated and published works on the reasons for war; considering the writing of Hobbes, Mead, Bremer,Kaufman and Clausewitz I found similar views and themes that are inductive to war. Take for example the Israel and Palestinian conflict and war that has raged from the beginning of the establishment of the Nation of Israel. Reason relating to this conflict is recognizable in the writings of the above-mentioned authors. Thomas Hobbes believes one causes of war is competition (Hobbes, 1996). The competition for control of the land of the West Banks the Gaza and several other areas does seem to be a major factor in the conflict that is prevalent to this day. The war over this area started and continues to intensify as Mead points out due impart to societal development (Mead, 1996). One form of advancement is securing a country including boarders and a legitimate government. Palestine is not a recognized country and has no boarders. The people of Palestine are trying to carve out a nation for themselves unfortunately; it includes part of the nation of Israel. Another instigator of war according to Dangerous Dyads by Stuart A. Bremer is “militarization or defense that makes people expect war”...

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