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Global Perspectives Paper

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If North Korea continues on its present course, by the end of the year, North Korea might have about eight nuclear weapons, and next year the number of nuclear weapons might double (Warner, Margaret). I do not believe there is an immediate threat of North Korea using the weapons on the United States, but the threat is there by them selling it to terrorist groups that are targeting the United States now. I really do not think that the United States has any intention of attacking North Korea to obtain its nuclear weapons. That is why the United States should enter North Korea and confiscate the nuclear weapons they are holding for the American people's safety.

If North Korea is not bluffing on how many, if any nuclear weapons they have, the North Korean government would probably have enough weapons to target Japan, South Korea, and enough plutonium left over to sell over the black market to the highest bidder. AMBASSADOR RI Yong Ho of North Korea said in an interview "that the reclusive communist state, which is locked in a standoff with Washington over its nuclear intentions, would only use its capability in self-defense" (Reuters Limited). There is also the danger because of the unstable economy they possess; North Korea could sell to third parties. I believe that the left over plutonium would target the United States because relations between North Korea and the U.S. have been rocky since the end of World War II and what happened in 1994 (Schleicher, Annie).

After the Cold War, Americans have all too often lived from the fear of getting bombed with nuclear weapons. As North Korea continues to build up its frightening nuclear technology, it is time we start recognizing this threat as legitimate (Francisco, Michael). Representatives of the Korea government have threatened to "rain fire" on US cities (Francisco, Michael). The communist government has flaunted previous agreements with the United States. Recently, two North Korean MIG's toyed with an American surveillance plane, again trying to flex their muscle (Francisco, Michael). They have continued to intimidate Japan (a US ally) by "testing" their missiles directly over Japan (Francisco, Michael).

The Clinton administration convinced North Korea to stop its nuclear weapons program and allow the United Nations to come in and monitor the country (Schleicher, Annie). In return for their cooperation, the US and other countries promised to replace North Korea's nuclear power plants that produce plutonium, a major ingredient in nuclear weapons, with light-water reactors, which do not. They also agreed to send North Korea oil...

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