Global Poverty And Hunger Worldwide Essay

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People who earn their living by collecting and sorting garbage and selling them for recycling, Payatas, Manila, Philippines. Increases in the cost of living make poor people less able to afford items. Poor people spend a greater portion of their budgets on food than richer people. As a result, poor households and those near the poverty line be particularly vulnerable to increases in food prices. For example, in late 2007 increases in the price of grains led to food riots in some countries. The World Bank warned that 100 million people were at risk of sinking deeper into poverty, threats to the supply of food may also be caused by drought and the water crisis. Intensive farming often leads to a vicious cycle of exhaustion of soil fertility and decline of agricultural yields. Approximately 40 % of the world’s agricultural land is seriously degraded. In Africa , if current trends of soil degradation continue , the continent may be able to just 25 % of the population to feed by 2025 , according to the United Nations University 's Ghana - based Institute for Natural Resources in Africa . Every year nearly 11 million children living in poverty die before their fifth birthday. 1020000000 people go to bed hungry every night. According to the Global Hunger Index, Sub - Saharan Africa has the highest child malnutrition rate of world’s regions over the period 2001-2006.

Research has found that there is a high risk of educational underachievement for children who are from low - income housing circumstances. It is often a process that begins in primary school for some less fortunate children. Education in the U.S. educational system, as well as in most other countries, is likely to be aimed at students who come from more privileged backgrounds. As a result, children in poverty are at a higher risk than advantaged children to maintain their grades, special adverse positions during the school’s hours and even high school education completed. There are indeed many explanations for why students tend to drop out of school. One of the conditions that they attend. Schools in poverty - stricken areas conditions that hinder children learn in a safe environment. Researchers have a name for areas such as these developments: an urban war zone is a poor, crime - Laden district which is deteriorating, violent, even war - like conditions and underfunded, largely ineffective schools promote inferior academic performance, including irregular attendance and disruptive and non- compliant behavior in class. For children with low resources, the risk factors are similar to others such as juvenile delinquency rates, higher levels of teenage pregnancy and the economic dependence of their low income parent or parents. Families and the community that low levels of investment in the education and development of less fortunate children end up ahead with less favorable results for the children who live a life of working parents Reduction and low wages to. Higher rates of early pregnancy...

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843 words - 4 pages >. Millenium Project. Millenium Project. n.d. 19 February 2014 . National Poverty Center. National Poverty Center. n.d. 19 February 2014 . January 2007. 19 February 2014 . Shah, Anup. Global Issues. 07 January 2013. 19 February 2014 . The Hunger Project. The Hunger Project. 2011. 19 February 2014 .

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