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Response on the Film and Readings
Country like Africa was trying to free itself from the tentacles of the colonial masters was a bloody affair characterized by rebellions. The mayhem that accompanies the process of decolonization is the subject of Goran Hugo Olsson’s documentary film; Concerning Violence, which is bases on an essay from Franz Fanons book the wretched of the earth. Using narration that quotes from Fanon’s essay, Olsson has used archival footage both current and archival to compliment Fanon’s work and bring out decolonization just like Fanon pointed out; that decolonization occurs when a certain species of men wants to replace another species of men in a process that involves total substitution and force. 
Most of the time the violence of decolonization is seen as the fault of the colonized however Olsson looks at this violence from another angle; that the colonizers are indeed the ones who cause violence. Colonial masters invaded natives land, took away the native’s freedom, enslaved the natives in their own land and took the best of the land while the natives barely got through. With time anger built up eventually, violence erupted. Fanon in his book writes that when the colonized decided on violence there was no turning back. Thus, one of the themes of the film is exploitation and domination. Just like the colonial masters oppressed and took over whole countries Telesur (2016) writes of similar incidences where the U.S through the Central Intelligence Agency and sometimes wars and coups have dominated over other countries in order to safeguard their interests. Thus, even though colonization is still long gone, powerful countries still continue to enrich themselves with resources from third world countries. The film provides one with the feeling that the third world is still ideologically enslaved by the first world.
In correlation with readings from this week, Karl Marx also has addresses the ideological enslavement displayed in the film. In his work, primitive accumulation, he writes that the even though intellectual ability enables one to gain wealth, conquest, robbery, violence and sometimes murder play a bigger role. Olsson’s film includes a scene where white boys are playing golf as their black counterparts carry their bags and golf sticks. Marx (1930), in what he calls primitive accumulation of wealth...

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