Global Software Industry Essay

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Global Software Industry
Managing IT Governance & Compliance
Regulations and mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, the EU Data Protection Directive, HIPAA, and International Accounting Standards have forced profound changes in business policies and processes. U.S. companies will spend $5.5 billion in 2004 to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley. European banks will spend almost $4 billion in IT over the next two years to comply with Basel II.
In Charge of Change: IT executives are adopting IT governance strategies and software to manage the priorities, processes, and people of IT—gaining visibility and control over their compliance initiatives. This enables them to:
· Ensure IT compliance initiatives are prioritized and managed on time and on budget.
· Manage benefits, costs, resources, and business objectives within a transparent process.
· Mitigate the risk and costs of business process and application changes.
Enabling Strategic Sourcing
There is a seminal shift from outsourcing IT for cost reduction to "strategic sourcing" for business value. It is estimated that global outsourcing deals will rise 30 percent by 2005, and that the global business process outsourcing market will reach $130 billion in 2004. Strategic sourcing—the optimal mix of in-house, outsourced, and offshore IT projects—represents a profound opportunity for IT to maximize business value.
In Charge of Change: IT executives are adopting BTO software and services to optimize IT prior to outsourcing—gaining visibility and control over both in-house and outsourced business processes and teams. This enables them to:
· Effectively govern a mixed portfolio of IT projects in alignment with business goals.
· Ensure outsourced IT initiatives are tested and deployed to meet the same quality and performance standards as in-house applications.
· Manage and monitor both outsourced and in-house applications based on business results and service levels.
Mastering Application Complexity & Change
Most business processes are automated through software. As the rate of business and technology change continues to accelerate, it becomes increasingly challenging to maximize the business value of those applications while reducing costs and risks. Today's IT executives must become "masters of change and complexity"—managing distributed, heterogeneous IT infrastructures, legacy systems, and packaged ERP and CRM systems while embracing modern composite applications built with J2EE, .NET, and Web services technologies.
In Charge of Change: IT executives are adopting BTO software and services to optimize application quality, performance, and business availability—gaining strategic visibility and control over planned and unplanned changes to their applications and underlying infrastructure. This enables them to:
· Reduce costs and risks of...

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