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There are different types of approaches that made when looking into global strategies. Few things that must be taken into consideration are the opportunities and challenges of the organizations host country, along with reviewing the various options to enter that country. Gathering this information will help create an appropriate global strategy for Tata Motors. Tata Motors is able to plan functional strategies, such as marketing, human resources, logistics, operations, and finances. Along with creating, a contingency plan will ensure the company meets their goal and mission.TrendsThe main trends that affect Tata Motors are outsourcing and global consumption patterns. "Forces of globalization are real and their influences are felt everywhere. It entails free trade, free mobility of both financial and real capital, and rapid diffusion of products, technologies, information and consumption patterns" (United Nations Workshop). Tata Motors is looking to acquire some interesting businesses and brands to expand business interests abroad.Another trend affecting Tata Motors is global consumption. Tata Motors offers economical small cars, which is a major theme in the global market place at this time . Global consumption patterns will hit Tata Motors offering products that will suit the needs of consumers all over the world; each one for a specific reason, such as size, affordability, exclusivity, gas mileage, and service among others.The non-North American countries affected by the global consumption and outsourcing trends directly relates to automobile countries that invest in Tata Motors. These major countries are the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Thailand. As global consumption decreases due to the economic downturn of the United States' recession, so does Tata Motor's GDP. In recent years, global consumption has dramatically declined. The interesting fact is that the United States automobile company's relationship to Tata Motors is causing the reduced profits. General Motors and Ford filings of bankruptcy as effected India's industry of production (Manghwani, 2008). "U.S sales have fallen down by 32% which has directly affected the Indian car industry where GM has recorded a fall of 45%, Ford of 30% and Chrysler down by 35%. All the three major car manufacturers have reported declined growth after the hit of recession" (Manghwani, 2008). South Korea's Hyundai believe the effect of reduced global consumption, which consequently this has prompt Hyundai to invest more into Indian automobile production, like Tata Motors. South Korea believes there is potential for reduced production costs in future dealings with Tata Motors. In 2007, a joint outsourcing venture with Thailand's Thonburi Company, has allowed Tata Motors to hold 70% stake in the company. However, the United States' recession has created an economic strain on Tata Motors, which has required the company to reduce 300 jobs Manghwani, 2008).Tata Motors has been assertively obtaining foreign...

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