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Sustainability is the concept that is discussed by everyone around the world that includes non-designers as well. Due to globalization and advanced technological advancements, people are well informed about things that are going on at the same time. Although the concept of sustainability is for every person who is a part of this globe, as designers we have the social responsibility to be conscious of our design decisions and come up with solutions that will facilitate in working toward the deteriorated conditions in the globe and also serve good for the future generations to come. This paper explores about the necessity to be explorative in design to

The author in “Three Principles” talks about how the design profession imparts the humungous amount of knowledge and history of the classic designs in a abridged amount of time and yet we denounce about the knowledge the students lack. One other reason being that the designer is comparatively inefficient to take up the challenge of sustainability because we still seem to be in a nutshell and as designers we have to open up to be more innovative and efficient to incorporate sustainability. The author mentions about the necessity for designers to explore the possibilities because in the advanced world, we cannot solve any problem with the age-old solution.

The author also talks about an interesting aspect of Fuller’s concept of “ephemeralization”. The concept of the greater a product’s sophistication, the smaller it gets. He supports his statement with an example of how technology has advanced from that of a computer of a huge size to a sleek tablet. The concept also justifies the advantage of having fewer materials, which in turn reduces the environmental footprints.

This perspective is explored in Chapter 4 Space Ship where the author draws on the metaphor of the earth as a spaceship and the need for human beings to learn the rules necessary to survive on the spaceship. The author suggests that human being base their survival on personal experiences and the intelligence that they acquired through these experiences. So, how may we use our intellectual capability to higher advantage?

The first step is to find out our current stance in the world. Chapter 5 explores the general system theory and how we can carry it out. In order to find out our current sustenance, humans need to have general system theory that is also known as the synergetic way. This theory proposes our need to understand the earth as a big system we partake in and that everything in it is relative.

In design revolution, the author talks about how the overall todays design strategies especially product design is becoming deficient since most product lives don’t ethically prioritize social impact over the bottom line. Therefore there is a need for industrial design revolution where design must be for the greater good towards a socially sustainable and economically viable approach that should be taught in school and...

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