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Earth And Global Warming Essay

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Recently, technology has been accelerating at an enormous rate much faster then it was in the past. It has become common today to dismiss the uncertainties of many people who believe that technology is advancing at a rate, which will lead to many problems as well as the downfall of humanity. It is shown that technology is helping humanity advance in many ways such as medical purposes, harvesting food, helping predict natural disasters, explaining much of the world and ultimately making humanities lives much easier and enjoyable. The evolution of technology was first helping humanity advance in every field but now that technology has become a business it raises a lot of questions and it’s effecting every aspect of life, we are wasting materials, creating pollution, and taking away jobs from the people who need them and some believe this will lead to the downfall of humanity. The question that many people are wondering lately is whether or not the latest advances in technology revolution will help humanity prosper or will it eventually lead to our downfall.
The first issue that comes to mind when dealing with the topic of technology is its effect on the environment due to the fact that there’s a lot recourses that goes into creating such technology’s as well as toxic gas, nuclear waste and trash that are produced. With the recent developments in technology we are using all of our recourses to create these products. In fact we are using our recourses much faster then they are being recovered. This is called overconsumption where we use more then we have so we will eventually run out. Recycling programs have been installed for recourses such as Metals, Glass and paper. In The Environment: A Revolution in Attitudes it talks about and shows how much we generate and how much we recover from recycling and we generate a lot more then we recover what this means is all this waste eventually goes into landfills, dumps and other places around the planet. Landfills are not a sufficient way of disposing of our trash; landfills cause runoff, which goes into our water and plant life affecting the eco system and destroying wildlife, which will eventually effect humanity. This puts humanities health in jeopardy as wells as our future because the more waste we produce the worse it is for our planet. Everything we do has an effect on the environment in the end and as technology changes each effect has a greater impact on the planet.

Another insecurity many people have with the advancement of technology is the fear that it’s going to eventually put more and more people out of jobs. Technology taking jobs has been a problem since machines started being used more and more in factories and assembly lines. As technology advances it’s beginning to take more and more jobs for the people of the world. In Matt Beane’s article Robots and the economy: Red herrings, or canaries in a coal mine? He talks about how productivity and profits are up and yet most of the public are...

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