Global Warming: Human Activity Vs. Natural Cycles

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Global warming has been a major concern and has greatly affected the environment around the world for years. Andrew Revkin stated in a New York Times article entitled “A Closer Look at Climate Panel’s Findings on Global Warming Impacts” that climate change throughout the 21st century will lead to increases in ill-health in many regions, as compared to a baseline without climate change. There have been a number of debates regarding this controversial topic, though most of the scientific community can recognize the existence of global warming. Many often question if this effect on the environment is caused by human activity or natural cycles. About 95 percent of scientific studies prove that global warming is essentially caused by man. Although among scientists there is a consensus, all people do not believe it to be true that society contributes to global warming by enforcing the use of electric cars rather than combustible vehicles that give off greenhouse gases and potentially harm the environment.
Global warming describes the abnormal temperature change heating up our environment. Climate change is induced by green house gasses such as methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. These gases are good when used in appropriate quantities. Methane is emanated from farm animals during their digestive process and is commonly found in swamp gas and exhaust. Carbon dioxide can be found in aerosol cans, hairspray in both aerosol and non-aerosol cans, furniture polishers and cleaners, etc. Nitrous oxide is in laughing gas used at dentist’s offices to keep patients calm during oral surgeries and is sometimes used in scientific studies. The majority of greenhouse gasses come from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels contribute to about 90 percent of global warming emissions. One of the worst fossil fuels used today is the burning of coal often used as an energy resource. Marc Preel stated in a New York Times entry entitled “World Set to Heat Up Despite Clean Energy Efforts” that any prospect of reversing the continuing increase in the use of coal depended mostly in China, the world’s biggest energy consumer, which burns as much coal every year as the rest of the world combined. Other fossil fuels currently being used in the United States include natural gas, oil, petroleum, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPD). The cycle of the greenhouse effect begins when these greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. They then form a layer around the earth, blocking sun rays that aren’t absorbed by the planet and trapping them inside the lower atmosphere. Without any greenhouse gasses the earth would freeze and would remain about negative 18 degrees Celsius, meaning no life on earth. Because of the mass amount of greenhouse gasses radiating into the atmosphere, the earth is warming more than it normally would. Global warming has immensely increased due to the amount of cars and combustible machinery used today.
Over the years we have had there have had about five major...

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