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Global Warming And Climate Change: Melting The Marine Life

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“Reef Fish Find It’s Too Hot to Swim” (600 words)
Global warming has effected the world. The earth has had a drastic and devastating aftermath since humans have decided to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This resulted in the ground (above or below water) temperature to rise; the very definition of global warming. This has warmed up the waters and the fish of the ocean are now living in an environment that is too hot for them to live in.
The example given is the coral trout, a fish that is commercially important. Since the water temperature has risen higher up in the water, these trout tend to be more lethargic now; they stay lower in the water. This is crucial because all of their hunting and mating ground is higher up. If they do not eat, they do not grow as big as they used to for the seafood-eating population. If they do not mate, it is quite obvious that the once high-population coral trout will start to decline (another sadness for the seafood-eating people).
Dr. Jacob Johansen, the leading scientist in this study, has also discovered that when the trout do swim higher, they swim at a slower rate. With this calamity, they are less able to even arrive at the hunting and mating grounds. Dr. Morgan Pratchett, another scientist participating in the study, stated, “[This] may directly influence where we will find these species in the future and how many we are able to fish sustainably.”
Nevertheless, Dr. Johansen says that there is still hope. He has noticed that the coral trout may be able to adapt to these increasing temperatures. His proof was in the trout residing towards the north, in the Great Barrier Reef; they were more conformable to the new temperatures than those of the southern region. There is a worry about how well the coral trout from the South-Eastern Pacific region since they are being less adaptable, yet that area is fished more.

“Climate change: The effects on ocean animals” (400 words)
Many other animals besides the coral trout are being affected my global warming. The “poster child” for it is the polar bear, and some others are sea turtles, right whales, penguins, and seals.
The polar bear lives up in the Arctic region where global warming and climate change are melting the ice caps that the bears thrive on. They use the ice as a platform from hunting and rest. The random pocket holes in the ice, where the seals pop up at, is where the polar bear catches its prey. With this reduction of ice, “the abundance of seals, and increases the...

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