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Global Warming And How It Affects Us

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Global Warming and How It Affects Us
Michael Miller
DeVry University

Global Warming and How It Affects Us
Global warming will have dramatic effects on us and our future. Although some may not see the subtle changes, global warming and the effects on the climate are definitely taking place. In the last couple of years, in Philadelphia for instance, the winters have slowly gotten warmer with barely any snow at all, and the summers are getting increasingly hot. While we might not be able to completely stop global warming, we might be able to slow down the process. Global warming can affect human health, food supply, and our future generations but we can help slow down the effects.
Global warming is defined as an increase of the temperature in the earth’s atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are the gases that trap the heat in the atmosphere, like carbon dioxide and pollutants. Carbon Dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas, which is discharged through human activities, and is exchanged by the atmosphere, ocean, and land surface. It is produced and taken in by many microorganisms, plants, and animals. One of the issues that can come from global warming is the increase in illness and death due to extreme heat. Diseases that can be passed on by food, water and insects can increase also.
The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says that humans are to blame for climate change, whether we may be aware of it or not, or are not doing it on purpose. Although the greenhouse effect is natural and helps support life on earth, the buildup of the gases in the air affects the Earth’s climate. Even with data showing that within the last decade we have stayed below the international 2°C of global warming, some changes to the Earth are unavoidable and irreversible. “Carbon dioxide can stay in the atmosphere for nearly a century, so Earth will continue to warm in the coming decades. The warmer it gets, the greater the risk for more severe changes to the climate and Earth's system.” (EPA)
The weather we are used to will change dramatically and will affect our health. Warmer temperatures and even longer heat waves can increase illness and disease due to the heat, and even death. Little children, older adults, people who already have medical conditions, and the poor are more susceptible to the changes in the weather. Some of...

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