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Global Warming And Its’ Economic Effects On Businesses And Consumers

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Have you ever wondered why each year there seems to be more of major natural disasters than previous years? How about the increase in prices on things such as, foods, clothes, and materials made with rubber? Ironically, un-enounced to most of the world, natural disasters, and price increases go hand in hand. However, it is global warming that is causing these natural disasters that affect businesses and the ending result is it affects their consumers as well, one way, or another. The book titled GEO-5 for Business Impacts of a Changing Environment on the Corporate Sector, authored by Grossman, David explains how everything we as consumers and businesses purchase, has a main ingredient that ...view middle of the document...

Some of the ways these demands are disrupted is consumer’s choices and business costs; as business costs increase so do prices and availability of products for consumers.
Furthermore, global warming affects everything, from droughts, ocean levels, farming, oil, and more, which ultimately increase business costs and consumers choices of availability of products. Grossman makes this clear how global warming can affect business and consumer relations, as he states, “which may increase companies’ costs, create delays or temporary shutdowns, and lead to loss of business, contracts, and customers” (Grossman, D., pg. 42). Grossman briefly mentions Coca Cola and their affects of water consumption; here is a broader example of the chain of effects of Coca Colas operations. Coca Cola has had plants shut down in foreign countries for various reasons, one of them is that in India the communities water had significantly decreased 26 feet during the time the plant was in operation (Master, N., & Samiti, L.). It then affected the community due to loss of jobs, Coca Cola lost millions of dollars due to the plant being shut down, resulting in decrease of supply and demand for Coca Colas consumers. This created a ripple effect for the company, more plants continue to shut down to this day, due to “consolidation of plants”, meeting production needs, finances, and more; which ultimately increases the price of the product, affects the company’s consumers and communities relations, and competition with other likewise businesses will rise.
In essence, everything in this world is in or apart of competition, animals, plants, water, land, electricity, oil, businesses, and people looking for the best deals on products. More so, this leaves a vast competing ground for businesses, as they strive to obtain depleting resources, and consumers looking for the best deals due to spikes in costs of products known as pure competition and monopoly. Typically, this results in a price increase of products, which creates a foundation of pure competition amongst businesses and consumers bargain shopping. Grossman sums this up in a compelling statement, “Competing demands for food, feed, fuel,...

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