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Global Warming: Humans Are Destroying The Planet

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Global warming is the gradual increase of temperature in the world’s atmosphere. It is often caused by high levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. It may also be increased by fossil fuels and agriculture causing many severe consequences, such as: species extinction, reduced forest and coral reefs, drought increases in Africa, severe flooding in Asia, threats to small islands because of ocean levels rising, and severe weather in hurricane zones. Our society today is destroying the climate. Every time we drive our vehicles just to get out of the house for fun or because we forget and have to make a double run, when we run our electric too long, wasting water, burning our trash, especially plastics, and just not taking proper care of our environment. These are all very common ways that we are contributing to global warming. Global Warming is occurring without any ideas of a full on frontal stop by Americans and because we, the people of Earth, are practical unconscious to the destruction we are inflicting on our environment and if we keep progressing at the rate which we are today, soon we will no longer have the necessary atmosphere needed to survive because it will be overloaded with heat entrapped carbon dioxide; thereby threatening the climate with many grievous consequences.
Global warming is caused by the emissions of greenhouse gases that have been released over millions and millions of years causing the Earth’s climate to fluctuate. The climate is fluctuating so much as to where ice sheets are melting and disappearing. (Caldeira) Global warming is not just a myth, a fairy tale, or just a scientific theory. Global warming is something that is actually occurring in our world all the time every day. A study has shown that ninety-seven percent of Americans cause and add to global warming. Over the past two hundred years the rise of greenhouse gases has increased the rate at which ice sheets and snow caps are melting. The melting of ice sheets and snow caps will return to the oceans and result in higher sea levels. Over the past nine hundred years, data of tree rings, ice cores, coral reefs and other direct measurements have been taken and made to conduct various studies on the subject of climate change at hand. (Prothero) The most obvious results are the temperature; the temperature is increased in such a tangible way. The studies conducted were primarily so they would have it written down on paper, for proof. Since the 20th century the earth’s mean temperature has increased by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone knew of the changes. The changes in temperature could be felt, and they were. The temperature was starting to make people realize that there was a change occurring and they needed to make a change themselves. The affect people have on the world is a grand one, yet most do not know or even understand this. Most people do not care or ever think of it, assuming that the Earth will self-sustain itself. This cannot be assumed or...

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