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Global Warming Is False Essay

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“The warnings about global warming have been extremely clear for a long time. We are facing a global climate crisis. It is deepening. We are entering a period of consequences.” Global warming is the idea that human activities are leading to the unnatural warming of Earth’s climate. Global warming became a reason to save life on Earth before it had the opportunity to turn into good science. Al Gore insists that uncontrolled releases of carbon-dioxide will eventually melt the polar ice caps completely. President Obama is a huge supporter of taking actions to stop the effects of global warming and has publicly stated that “The debate is settled. Climate change is a fact.” On the other hand, Roger Pilon, Vice President for Legal Affairs at the Cato Institute, says “The dirty little secret is, we are now at seventeen years and eight months of no “global warming” and he also goes on to say that their models have failed year in and year out. According to the majority of global warming supporters, carbon-dioxide, the naturally occurring gas that is vital to life on Earth is the primary cause of rising global temperatures. The motives of these people to push for anti-global warming efforts are simple. Any political candidate who supports the idea of global warming will automatically gain the support of the highly influential Green Party. President Obama is incapable of making decisions for himself for fear that his environmentalist buddies will abandon him as soon as he does something they do not approve of, and he is probably right. Due to our poor political system, nothing will be done for those thousands of people that are losing jobs because our government refuses to create jobs in the field of oil production and transportation since the liberals and greenhouse parties are scared.
In 2006, Al Gore released a book and a movie each titled “An Inconvenient Truth”. The film and book were each about Gore’s efforts to inform the United States population about global warming. He travels around the country, presenting facts, graphs, and other means of graphic presentation. Gore faults an increase in emissions of carbon-dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere as the reason why temperatures are rising. They say the carbon-dioxide is from burning gasoline and coal. They claim that unless their solution is enacted immediately, temperatures will rise intolerably and ice caps will melt, coasts will flood, storms will get worse, diseases will spread, animals will die and more. And whose fault is it? The liberals say us Americans. The fact of the matter is all of Al Gore’s evidence is completely irrelevant for several reasons. One reason is that climate change is a natural occurrence that has happened many times throughout the history of Earth, long before the era of industry. Al Gore is particularly biased when it comes to the topic of global warming due to pride and negligence.
Global warming supporters say that the world could be due to human error and...

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