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Global Warming – Myth Or Reality

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The topic on global warming has been politicized widely. As a result of this, whether global warming is really a myth or a reality depends largely on where you are standing in regards to your opinion. Reasoning has been and still remains to be the born of contention in global warming debates because computerized systems and models plus other technologies have been of dismal help in giving a conclusive solution to these debates. The great rift has been established between scientists and other social thinkers. Irrespective of which side anybody argues from, the end result is that the world today is experiencing global warming and anybody refuting this is only taking the politics of this issue ...view middle of the document...

Their preposition is very wanting and insufficient. The scientists attribute the global warming to natural forces. However, they too do not validate their claim and the same consensuses they are refuting seem to be the same one they are using in explaining the average temperature. It is turning out to be as if scientists are suffering from superiority complex on this issue. They want to admit that temperatures have risen but refute to concur with the methods that have been used in reaching to such a conclusion. As can be seen, the debate is no longer on whether global warming is a reality or not but rather the major issue is which method is to be used to ascertain that fact.
There is evidence that today the world is experiencing warmer temperatures than before. Nevertheless, there have been variations whereby some places are experiencing colder temperatures than they used to experience before. This has resulted into many questions as to whether the temperature is rising or falling and as to whether people should be talking of global warming or global “cold-ing”. However, on average the world temperature has risen. This is only best explained by the effects of global warming. Let it be noted that as the warming is taking place, the implications are expected to be diverse and very unpredictable and this includes some places having colder temperatures. Everybody is agreeing on this including the scientists. This being the case, it can be confirmed, with a lot of certainty, that global warming is actually taking effect. The problem that has been surrounding this clarity and is what is causing the warming.
With the debate shifting on the cause means everybody is agreeing and is contented that for sure global warming is real. Scientists are of the opinion that the warming is a natural change that characterizes any climate change. By saying this they try to allude that human efforts cannot, by any means, influence climate in any way. This is wrong conception of facts. For the first time in history scientists seem to have defied what they have spent years proving. Human activities are trivial on individual basis but ones those efforts have been interpolated and inter-joined together, they create an enormous unstoppable effect. Today human activities are collectively working together into emitting green house gases into the atmosphere. The sources of these gases are from all over and the result is that the protective ozone layer is gradually getting worn out. The impact of the...

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