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Global Warming: Not Just A Myth

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You’ve heard it everywhere already, but do you really know what it means? Is it really as bad as people complain it is? I am, of course, talking of global warming. Global warming is dangerous and disastrous, but given enough effort we can stop it. You will find all of this out in the paragraphs that follow.
To start, what is global warming? Is it even real? Many believe that the Earth has not changed at all, and that any science used to prove otherwise is completely false. (Magill) Despite these beliefs, evidence shows that global warming is very much real. But what is it? Global warming is exactly what it sounds like: the whole Earth heating up. This temperature change may only appear to ...view middle of the document...

As is, San Bernardino is already very dry. What would happen if it got too hot? Fires could start. Destruction would start and it would not get any better for us. The heat has already led to a lack of winter last year, who knows where our weather can turn up?
Obviously, we do not want to continue such changes on the Earth, but what can one person do? Well, just as people contributed to ruining the Earth, people can contribute to healing it. Cutting down on fossil fuel use is the solution, but where to start? A simple first step is to not drive your car more than necessary. While some commutes are inevitable, some are much more achievable. Anything within a mile radius is easily walkable, so why not just walk?
The second step is to cut down on use of fossil fuel burning resources. If an electrical device is not needed, turn it off. Also, check “necessary” electrical devices. It’s likely that not all of the lights in your house must be on at all times, so turn off lights in rooms you are not currently in. Another way to cut down on fossil fuel use is to use less plastic. For example, if you typically use plastic bags to carry your groceries, buy a few reusable bags and use those instead.
These are all easy to achieve within a family, but bigger projects would require a community. For example, a city...

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