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Global Warming: The Harmful Reality Essay

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Remember the days of fresh air and normal weather patterns? Now more carbon dioxide than ever has resulted in global warming. It is a major issue within our environment. Global warming is able to change weather patterns drastically. Temperatures are gradually increasing each year. Sea levels rise at astonishing heights. Even natural disasters are happening more often than not. Global warming is a real threat to our society and must be addressed immediately.
Global warming has taken its toll on the earth’s temperature. As time is moving on, the temperature only rises higher and higher. According to M. Cooper, meteorologists’ evidence shows that an average rate of one degree has risen through the century. Along with this rate, scientists are predicting it will additionally rise from two to seven degrees in the twenty-first century. A warm earth means we are more prone to tropical diseases. As these areas begin to expand from the rise of temperature, the population and range of mosquitos will, too. There will be more risk of disease-carrying mosquitoes with malaria, dengue fever, and other deadly tropical diseases. This means there are signs of global warming, and therefore we must raise awareness to protect our environment. It is not wrong to raise awareness, but unfortunately there is much skepticism about global warming. Physics Nobel Prize winner, Ivar Giaever, exaggerates that it has become a new “religion.” More and more people are realizing that global warming is a serious threat that is affecting our way of living. It is certainly a movement, but just like any religion, we have the right to express it and should not be discriminated against about its viewpoints. All we want is an efficient and safe world; there is nothing wrong with that. Another skeptic by the name of Jack Schmitt, who is an award-winning NASA astronaut, geologist, and moonwalker, says that global warming is used as a “...political tool to increase government control over American lives, incomes and decision making” (Hiserodt 1). Allowing the government to take “control” is not necessarily a bad thing.
Speaking from my personal experience, I am a college commuter and I drive back and forth through the Long Island Expressway from my home to NYIT Old Westbury. The government has a special lane on the highway known as High Occupancy Vehicle or HOV; only two or more people in a vehicle are eligible to drive in that lane. The benefit of being in the HOV lane allows avoiding heavy traffic as there is better traffic flow there. Now, they have a new incentive. If you purchase a clean, efficient car listed on their Clean Pass Program, you will be issued a Clean Pass sticker. This time, one or more people in the vehicle are able to drive in that special lane. Government...

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