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What are the major factors affecting the autonomy of foreign subsidiaries, and the ways that head offices control them, in international firms?The autonomy of foreign subsidiaries in large internationalised organizations differs among different organizations. To be specific, the major factors affecting the autonomy of foreign subsidiaries are forces for global integration, forces for local responsiveness, and administrative heritage of the company.Forces for global integration reflect the need for global efficiency. The major incentive is to achieve manufacturing economies of scale worldwide. In industry where asset and technology are intensive, where there are common needs across the international markets and predominance of multinational customers demanding standard input, it's important to gain global efficiency. Low trade barriers and low product weight/value ratio, and stable group of global competitors are other factors encouraging companies to gain global integration.Local responsiveness requires companies' ability to deal with particular local demands. Companies are encouraged to emphasize on local responsiveness when the local market demands are diverse, products have to be tailored to local tastes so there are few scale economies in R&D, manufacturing and purchasing. Local market availability of company's product substitutes and diverse distribution channels are other factors that encourage local market responsiveness.Administrative heritage refers to various historical and structural factors in the company, such as the configuration of assets and capabilities, distribution of responsibilities, dominant management style, and ingrained organizational values. The administrative heritage of a company is shaped by its leaders, the national culture, and the company history. It is built over time and cannot be easily undone or changed. A company's administrative heritage influences its organizational form and capability, which constrain its ability to build a new, more complex and dynamic structure to adapt its organization to the international environment.The strategy and structure of a company is determined by the nature of the industry, the company's perception of the environment, and its administrative heritage. The environment - strategy - structure paradigm will help us understand why companies chose the strategies and structures as they have. For the environment - strategy link, the forces in international market affect companies' strategy. While for the strategy -structure link, companies' administrative heritage, ingrained culture, and entrenched norms have a great impact on companies' structure and management mentality.There are three distinct types of organizational model with different structural configuration, administrative processes, and management mentality. Foreign subsidiaries have very different level of autonomy in these three types.The first type is the multinational organization model. Multinational companies assume...

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Globalisation Essay

1505 words - 6 pages ' decisions by corruption. As these corporations become bigger, their influence on small governments is basically in promoting bribes to governors, which leads to nationwide crises. And such corruption in any government will evenly move the country to the brink of collapse. Similar to Melese, Ravi Kiran Jain in "Loss of economic and political sovereignty of "We the People of India" by globalisation," states, "Globalisation is [the] destruction of the

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2458 words - 10 pages modernity and globalisation. Because of globalisation, David et al. (1989) argues that Hong Kong has grown to be recognised as a “consumer society,” (p. 457) in which consumption has become a cultural value for society. One of the reasons David et al. (1989) points out is the type of product and services in which has been advertised to the masses appeal. Case in point the growth of non-Chinese chains such as Japanese food and other fast food sectors


6738 words - 27 pages educated populace with international networks and high status occupations. Higher living standards and education levels were linked with demands for democracy. However, the existence of an urbanised middle class and elite in Malaysia has not prevented power being increasingly concentrated within the position of Prime Minister, particularly since the demise of former Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim.. However, globalisation is often discussed by

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897 words - 4 pages Globalisation Assessment Task 3: Research Essay Question 1: Why can European colonialism be seen as an earlier form of Globalisation? Colonialism is defined as the exploitation of a weaker country by a stronger country with the goal of strengthening and enriching the resources of the dominant country. European colonialism of its last five centuries shared similarities with other previous colonialisms such as the Egyptians, Phoenicians


4768 words - 19 pages How does globalization produce uneven development? The free market solves the problem of the self-defined character of hortative goods. The free market is established by imperative and jussives goods, protections against violence, fraud, and any other coercion or dishonesty, but no one in advance ever needs to know what anyone else in particular wants when it comes to the general goods of euergetic ethics -- hortative goods. Instead one can offer

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1658 words - 7 pages AbstractGlobalization is a worldwide phenomenon where there is growth in the interconnectedness of the economies of the countries in the world. The signs of globalization can be seen from the increase in volume of international trade, the increasing number of trade agreements between countries, the growing interdependence between financial markets and more globalized workforce. More than just economic factors, globalization also has a great

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738 words - 3 pages Globаlizаtion by Brazilian SingersGlobalization by Brazilian SingersThe impact of the Brazilian music has been noted down by the millions around the world. From being a country of nowhere, now it is competing with the world's best industries in terms of mass media. Over the years there have been many singers that became the cornerstone in the industry. But the diverse writers represented in this compilation explore what the editors

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2108 words - 8 pages IntroductionGlobalisation is defined by the IMF (The International Monetary Fund) as the increasing integration of economies around the world, predominantly through trade and financial flows. The term sometimes also refers to the movement of people (labour) and knowledge (technology) across international borders. The term globalisation has come into common usage since the 1980s, reflecting technological advances that have made it easier and

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1995 words - 8 pages IntroductionThe word "globalisation" can be defined as having many meanings, depending on how one wishes to interpret the true meaning of globalisation. Primarily, it can be seen as an economic phenomenon, which over the years has integrated national economic systems through international trade and investment. In general it can be used to describe the increased pace of interconnectivity that has taken place over the recent years in states and

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2480 words - 10 pages these functions that can be divided into 3 main ideas for the process to work and develop.Adaptations to the environment; performed by the economy, but not any economic system, only capitalism propelled through modernisation and globalisation can adapt to the environment.Goal attainment; performed by the government. That is the government's role in the economy, and how they help or prevent the changes from happening.Integration; that is the linking

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787 words - 3 pages Literature reviewHow has globalisation affected the economic, political and social conditions in Brazil?(Abstract here)Keywords: globalisation; global markets; international trade; technology; economy; social; politicalGlobalisation has become a key thought point for economic theory and practice. Its effects on the world economy and its people have brought major attention to the complex phenomenon and its explosive emergence of global markets

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787 words - 3 pages Literature reviewHow has globalisation affected the economic, political and social conditions in Brazil?(Abstract here)Keywords: globalisation; global markets; international trade; technology; economy; social; politicalGlobalisation has become a key thought point for economic theory and practice. Its effects on the world economy and its people have brought major attention to the complex phenomenon and its explosive emergence of global markets

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3814 words - 15 pages "Globalisation has joined imperialism, colonialism, capitalism and communism in becoming an all purpose tag, which can be wielded like a club in almost any ideological direction. It is the defining political, economic and social phenomenon of the new millennium" Discuss.The world is shrinking. Not physically, of course, but socially, culturally and economically. The nations of the world are coming closer together in terms of cultural contacts