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Globalisation In Business Management Essay

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Evolution and innovation are important to ensure the survival of any business. As a result, technology is the key to innovation today in the modern globalised business world. In looking at Australia Post and Qantas, the changes in the external environment, management skills and strategies for change and effective management have influenced these businesses in maintaining a competitive advantage and satisfactory profits.As economic reform took hold, from the 1990's onwards, businesses were forced to innovate or exit. The new ideas for Australia Post were focused on the way in which economic growth is driven by investment in 'human capital' and innovation. The Australian Government embarked on a wide-ranging program where firstly, the financial system was deregulated and subject to greater competition. The tariffs were reduced and government businesses were corporatised. The Corporatisation of Australia Post in 1989 meant that the government instructs Australia Post to operate essentially as a commercial business. The aim was to deliver services efficiently and to generate a commercial return on assets.The events of September 11, 2001 had a big impact on Qantas. It experienced a 30% decline in bookings from some key routes following September 11. The War in Iraq and SARS affected all the airline operations leading to a 20% decrease in profits in 2002-2003. Qantas predicts that it will take 12 months to get loads and yields up to pre-SARS. Flights to non-SARS affected areas were also hit hard with a drop in bookings to Italy, Britain and Japan. In seeking to achieve its goals, the government has impacted Qantas through the laws it passes and enforces and the regulations in enacts. For exampleQantas is subject to the regulatory control of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.The technological innovations have impacted on various aspects of Qantas. It has meant that Qantas has bought it newer planes and updated their travel conditions to keep up with consumer demand. Due to Australia's remoteness it has become a much more attractive place to travel to, meaning that Qantas's newly recruited staff are becoming more cultural sensitive and fluent in foreign languages.Australia Post's management skills were needed to help carefully plan the strategies that would need to make their major changes successful. Extensive staff training was needed to retrain the staff. This involved the staff going to postal training schools for them to learn how to operate a new, modern efficient post office. For successful change within large organizations, extended negotiations with all stakeholders is imperative. For Australia Post, that meant government, the board, staff, unions, regional management and customers. Change directed at increase productivity, greater efficiency and lower costs represented a threat to jobs. Culminating in a 5 year Retail Post Agreement. Australia Post had to put in place safeguards elating to redundancy packages and pay increases. These changes...

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