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Globalisation In The Global South Social Policy

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Globalisation in the Global South Social Policy
The recurrent issues on the real effects of globalization to the creation of social policies in Global South countries continue to fuel various debates in political, sociological and economic arena, as its influence in the social sector grows extensively. These issues provoke attacks claiming that globalisation only protects the welfare of Western countries and continue to take advantage of those in the Global South. It is almost always thought to be essential to a country’s progress and cooperation with international affairs. Contrary to this, is globalisation really beneficial to the “Third World” countries, as it brings them to ...view middle of the document...

Medical advancements in diseases like cancer, diabetes, malaria; HIV, etc… are easily passed across nations to improve services. Education becomes more liberalized with the Internet, and infrastructures are more developed due to free transfer of ideas from different cultures.
Moreover, myriad factors both influence the inception of globalization and continue to govern the course of this process. Mass media, multinational companies, improved transportation, improved capital mobility, exponentially evolving technology, greater mobility of labour and reduced tariff barriers help in the proliferation of globalisation in nations.
Global South vs. Global North
Members of the Global South are countries of Africa, Central and Latin America and some parts of Asia (AUCGS, n.d.). It includes nearly 157 of a total of 184 recognized states in the world. These countries are under “developing” or “under-developed” countries. They are considered poor, politically backward, and followers of Western culture. Many of these nations face daily waves of political, social and economic upheaval; while there population and industries are in constant challenge (AUCGS, n.d.).
Why Global south nation states cannot detach its policy making from globalization?
As discussed earlier, globalisation has great influence in the economic sector of a nation state, most of all if it is a member of Global South. Under the Economic Development theory, countries subscribe to the idea of globalization under the aspiration of raising the living standard of its people similar to what Global North countries experience. (Damerow, 2007) Moreover, the primary key players which globalization influences are the people. To think about it, people are the center of a society. No nation can be founded without unity of its people. No laws will be created without social agreement. Furthermore, a nation will cease if its people cannot achieve its maximum potential.
The back and forth flow of products from one place to another provide greater profit in the GNP of a country, while good relationship often advance to multilateral military support. One good example to support this claim is the most recent U.S. – Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty (CRVLL, n.d.) The treaty was signed to strengthen both countries’ military resources. Aside from the other agendas that people try to incorporate with the issue, it can be observed that one of the contributors for this action is the necessity of alliance. Alliance helps protect or aid nation-states during wars and terrorist attacks. The security of the people is regarded as the most essential part of a society.
Now, here are some factors to consider on why Global south countries cannot detach its policy making from globalization: 1.Because they are dependent on international market in order to sustain their countries, 2.Globalisation is inevitable due to widespread telecommunication and technological advancements. 3. There is a need to prevent wars or...

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