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Globalization: Liberal Approach More Useful Than Neo Realist

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Neo-realist and liberal approaches towards globalisation have been debated about for many decades. Traditionally the liberal view towards globalisation has exaggerated the idea of globalisation, whilst neo-realist views have played down the importance of globalisation. The word “useful” can be defined on various different levels in order to come to a conclusion. Usefulness can be looked at as to how well each approach can help understand globalisation, however, usefulness can also be used to describe the impact of the different approaches and finally the word useful can be used to identify the accuracy of the two approaches, hopefully helping to recognise which approach to globalisation is most useful. This essay will first look at the differences between the neo-realist and liberal approaches to globalisation. These include; the extent to which globalisation exists in these approaches, the part that war has to play in the globalisation debate and finally where power lies which differs a lot between the two approaches, as Scholte describes, ‘realism oversimplistically reduces power relations’ (Scholte: 2005: p.128) which is in complete contrast to the liberal view of globalisation. This essay will then go on to look at the similarities existing between these two approaches which include the fact that these approaches are both Eurocentric and that they are not up to date with contemporary international politics. The usefulness of these approaches will be examined throughout in order to come to an analytical and evaluative conclusion, which gives a clear indication of the importance and extent of globalisation. Neo-realist and liberal views were coined by very different thinkers, who therefore have different views on globalisation, although they came to the forefront post 1945. Due to the different contrast that exists between the approaches, the differences between the two approaches to globalisation will first be used to critically compare the neo-realist and liberal approaches to globalisation.

The first key comparison between neo-realist and liberal approaches to globalisation is that they both have very different stances on the extent to which globalisation has happened. Liberals believe that globalisation is inevitable and has had a wide impact on all states and international relations. Globalisation is seen as inevitable as the process of globalisation comes about through development, as Scholte describes globalisation as a, ‘market led extension of modernisation’ (Scholte: 2005:p.124) highlighting the view that globalisation will happen due to the modernisation of the various states. In addition to this Scholte outlines the inevitability of globalisation by saying that it is caused by, ‘natural human desires for economic welfare’ (Scholte: 2005:p.124) suggesting that globalisation was almost destined to happen as humans look to progress and advance the conditions that they live in. This view of globalisation is in complete contrast to...

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