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Globalisation In The Current And Past Human Era And The Way It Affects The Human Community

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There are several different meanings and aspects for globalisation. Globalisation can be defined as a growth in also international relationships with the government to the trade and warfare systems. It could be the increase in cross border economic, social and technological exchanges. It could also simply mean to spread out, extend and widen.There is no evident and abrupt beginning for globalisation. However globalisation can be vaguely dated back to 16th century around 1519-1521, when the expansion of European capitalism took place also following the first circumnavigation of the earth. There was also a big expansion in the world trade system in the 19 the century, but it was brought to a halt by world war one. Later on, when the world time zone were calculated and brought into existence, a sense of world uniting took place. The end of the Second World War also bough another great expansion of world wide capitalism with the development of multinational companies, air travel and international communication systems such as the internet, also enhanced globalisation.Further more famous events such as the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Berlin wall furthermore increased the potency of globalisationThere are many players involved in globalisation, the World trade organization, International Monetary Funds, The World Bank, United Nations, World Economic Forum, and much more.The players of globalisation can have many different purposes or rights. Some can be to look after human rights, or to lend money to poorer countriesAll these groups and members participate in global affairs such as disasters, warfare, trade fare, politics and much more. Some of the groups or players can be voluntary organizations while others can be membership businesses with strict rules like the World Trade Organization.There is great evidence of global inequality and even more increasing evidence of it decreasing. The world trade system seems to provide poorer nation with a chance to financially increase their currency levels.However countries that are not in the global trade fare system are the only countries that are getting poorer. For example, in 1980. America used to earn 12.5 times as much as china used to earn, but now the difference is only 7.5.There is also much more evidence of global inequality decreasing.International trade and investments have allowed countries to significantly increase their financial rates. Countries which are actually going poorer are countries that do not involve in free trade.Financial differences between rich and poor countries are also decreasing. This means that free trade is the major cause of the decrease of global inequality.However exports are believed to make jobs, and imports to cost jobs. So this means that if all countries export without equally importing, it would create a major problem. Thus the art of trade has involved both exports and imports. For example, a packet of cigarettes might be exported, the cigarettes...

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