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“The very design of neoliberal principles is a direct attack on democracy” said beautifully by Noam Chomsky. Neoliberism and globalization is found all over the world and in almost every country where humans reside. It has brought us the world together, and made it a smaller place to live in. Every person on earth has faced the reality of globalization at this time and age. Many are against it, and many are for it. But how has it changed out economy and affected the different sectors in the labour market. Globalization and neoliberism has taken over many sectors and industries all over Canada, but it mainly has impacted Canada’s retail sector by availability of a low-cost labour force, ...view middle of the document...

This eventually results in the booming of Non-standard work, which in the article Cheap Labor: The New Politics of “Bread and Roses” in Industrial Democracies, defines is as, “jobs including immigrant workers and minorities which are either employed temporary or part-time”(Desmond King & David Rueda, 280).
In the retail sector, availability of low cost labour force affects the nature and organization of the labour relation between the employer and worker. This is done by, authorizing the employer to have a greater amount of power over the employee. With workers employed as part timers or sub contracted, it allows the employers to have greater control over the employees. This usually creates a divider in the work place and diminishes workers solidarity (Michael McDonell). It makes it easier and allows the employers and owners of a company to layoff, and reduce the hours of the workers. On the other hand, all of this leads to companies gaining big profits due to low salary. With my own previous work experiences, I found that because of the availability of low cost labour, a lot of jobs have been turned into non-standard jobs in Toronto. I applied all over in the summer of 2013 and was turned down for more then 30 jobs, which I had applied to. The competition was and is still fierce, and almost 98% of the jobs that were listed were part time. If not all listings, just a few had a wage written which was a bit higher than minimum. When finally accepted to an interview the first question right off the bat was if I was okay with being paid minimum wage, and even if I was not, that there was no bargaining or negotiating in pay. That gave the employer the higher power right away from the first minute we met.
“Non-standard and precarious work has grown enormously in Canada and now accounts for close to half of the active labour force. Part-time workers now are 19% of the workforce” (Micheal McDonell). The reason why there are so many people involved in precarious work is due to the availability of low cost labour. The creation of precarious jobs directly affects workers themselves because they are forced to carry out more work, having shorter breaks, and longer days. With employers hiring the workers as part timers, sub contracts, and on a temporary base, workers are made more insecure. With insecurity comes consequences, which in this case is not having a bargaining position with the employer. On top of being insecure, this susceptible work force is usually less regularly or never covered by any employment regulations. These insecure workers are at times employed beside a section of employees that have more power and security than the others, to constantly remind that there are others who are waiting to take over your job. Overall these workers don’t have much economic security because they never know when they will be laid off work, nor do they have any kind of help such as unions with them.

Division Labour
Changes in the labour division in a...

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