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Globalization: A New Form Of Economic Imperialism

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Globalization is a new concept that was introduced to the world after the fall of the communist regime. Globalization has to its identity social, economic, and political reforms, .however the globalization that we are about to discuss is the term that combines the past socio-economic and political reforms and cross with them to the world where their are no boundaries, restrictions, and immobilization what Mittelman describes as ? cross-border flows of capital, knowledge, and consumer goods ? (Mittelman 1). For the world to become a one or a single entity it has to pass through a process of economic, and technological integration. The consequence of this unification is the aim of this research, positive and negative, although the negative aspects will be the dominating part.

The friction's that arise due to the process of globalization are enormous, the burden of this process falls upon the countries, governments, and the actual citizens. The latter is the hardest to fall or we may say the one that will carry most of the burden no matter how the leaders justify this movement. The upraise of the global market lead to the division of the world in to three categories: first world country -developed -, second world country -communist-, and thirdly the third world country -developing-. Later this division was shifted to the first and the third divisions only. The attempts by the governments of the third world countries to become uniformly united with the first world countries is what lead them to step over its own sovereignty. How is that threat accompanied with globalization ?

Globalization as mentioned before implies no borders especially to the flow of money and information resulting in a decrease in the autonomy of the governmental administration. The economic factors are guidelines for the governmental framework. And in a global market the investment within a country is not limited to its citizens, yet foreign investors do enter the market affecting the governmental policies as much as the citizens do if not to a higher level. The threat imposed by the foreign investors comes in the sense that the government is so dependent on their investment to the extent that if they take their investment else where will lead to the crash of the economy, this will lead the government to comply with all their demands. A good example of this is the Asian crises last year. Furthermore, the government can not take any action based on its own self-interest it has to cooperate with other countries in decision making. This firstly creates a conflict in needs and wants between the countries, and secondly it shows to what extent other governmental decisions are affected by out side influence, illustrating deeply how week a government can be. ?The importance to most countries of a relatively free flow of international trade has led them to transfer powers over trade restrictions to super national bodies? ? (Dunning 93).

This cooperation...

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