Globalization: A Positive Spin Essay

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Globalization often has been painted with a bad brush by the media. However for a first world country like Canada, globalization is in reality a good thing. Economically, Canadians benefit greatly from the increase in competition and large chains, which, decrease price of goods. Culturally, Canada is already a multicultural country, and globalization only helps promote this aspect in Canada.The term globalization often has negative connotations. Many think of it as furthering the gap between the first and third world countries. However, the simple definition is the growth of worldwide patterns of economic interactions between countries. Globalization is the effect of innovation and scientific progress. It refers to the growing addition of economies around the planet; a side effect of this progress and shrinking of the world, is the social dynamics and cultural changes (IMF, 2000). Although there are negative aspects of it, for Canada, a first world country, globalization is a very good thing; although many of the citizens will think otherwise.For Canada, one aspect for consumers that is beneficial, it allows for large companies (e.g. Wal-Mart) and retail chains to lower prices, for competition (DiNovella, 2006). This allows for families around Canada to receive equivalent goods for a cheaper price. In a more economical sense, globalization increases the growth of international (Rowan, 2006), which in turn will generate a stronger economy, especially for North American countries (first world). The abolishment of tariffs, and support of free trade is a key aspect of globalization; this allows for greater choice of good and greater competition, and lowering prices further for the average consumer (DiNovella, 2006). Similarly, globalization strives to increase the standard of living around the world, increasing the wealth of countries worldwide (Rowan, 2006). A major indicator that globalization is the key to the future is the fact that the USSR's policies rejected globalization, whereas the USA's and Canada's embraced the ideas of globalization. The inability to accept globalization is one of the keys to the downfall of the Soviet Union (Rowan, 2006). Canada is known for its multicultural nation, which is what globalization does to countries. It encourages international cultural exchange (Globalization, 2006), and multiculturalism. This impacts Canada in a very positive way, as Canada itself is a multicultural country. Another often overlooked development of globalization is international sports (Globalization, 2006), events such...

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