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Globalization: A Force For Good In Our World

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In this ever interconnected world, you can communicate with someone in Asia, do business with someone in Europe, or start a revolution in the Middle East. These luxuries are not exclusive to the wealthy few in the ‘world power’ countries. They are accessible to almost everyone, everywhere: Asia, Europe, North America, South America, even many parts of Africa. Behind the increasing interconnectedness is inexorable economic and social integration, colloquially called, Globalization (Friedman 219).
Critics of Globalization, such as Barbara Ehrenreich and Annette Fuentes, vehemently attack it is the primary advancer of women and child exploitation and money-thirsty-do-whatever- it-takes-to-make-profit multinational corporations (206-13). Others argue that is attributable to massive global financial meltdowns and turmoil. With all this, I must say, Globalization looks worse than the devil. Why would anyone ever support such an oppressive and destructive construct? Because the simple truth is that Globalization is not destroying economies; contrariwise, it is helping countries and individuals. Globalization is fundamental in increasing global resistance to and prevention of severely adverse economic turmoil.
The very nature of globalization is to make economic connections with others - to integrate. That will fuel both micro- and macroeconomic advancements. Thomas Friedman describes this connected nature very well. “The world has become an increasingly interwoven place, and today, whether you are a company or a country, your threats and opportunities increasingly derive from who you are connected” (219). These connections are the very heart of a global economy. Look at third world countries that have no substantial links to other linked countries or companies. They lack numerous economic safety nets and resilience to global financial fluctuations. For example, “In Sub-Saharan Africa, 20 countries have lower incomes… than they did two decades ago” (Gidden 240). Their absence of concrete connections has greatly undermined their economic security and financial infrastructure. The nature of globalization is to make those strong connections and, thereby, strengthen national economies, leading to a more resilient global economy.
When there are multiple connections between multiple countries - a web, - even if one country’s economy fails, the other connections are able to support the other countries. There might be a rippling effect through the web, but the ramifications of the original collapse would be miniscule. The numerous connections will greatly mitigate the consequences, compared to having only a few connections that are heavily relied upon and subsequently ravished, leading to unsurmountable financial devastation.
Besides country to country connections, another tie is just as important: country to company. The quintessential element to a free market society is companies. Thus, when a country makes a strong connection with a company, countless...

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