Globalization: A New Trend Essay

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You can wear a t-shirt made in England, and watch a Bollywood film in Turkey. While
you are driving a car made in Germany, you can listen your album comes from Japan. Also,
you can visit to Spain and eat Chineese food there. These all are possible in today’s world
thanks to globalization. Globalization is a term used to describe the process of exchange of
ideas, products, culture, resources etc. Namely, it is an international movement to allow to
integrate trade, culture, technology between countries. Globalization annihilates the barriers,
distances and limits between national economies and encourages open trade. As Rifkin ...view middle of the document...

For instance , in China, noodles were an important part of
healthy diets. Now, noodles include mostly carbohydrates which have lots of calories. An
increase in calorie intake and a decrease in burning calorie has caused health problems such as
obesity and the new food habits are affecting small communities much more than others. To
exemplify, in Mexico and Egypt, the number of obese people is increasing faster than in
America. In Turkey, it is not much different. You can see more than five Burger King or
McDonalds in one street and they are full of people who are waiting for ordering. The
popularity of American food habits is increasing day by day. Even though it is cheap and
delicious, it gives rise to unhealhty life style.

Globalization also has a negative role in terms of environment especially in third world
countries. A company can easily build a factory in poor countries and use the natural sources
of developing countries. The need for land and primitive agricultural practices are some of the
causes of deforestation in developing countries. Correspondingly, natural resources are
existing and some species of animals and plants are facing the risk of extinction. This
imbalance in the environment leads to climate change. (Mabogunje, 2002).

Although it is claimed that globalization enables developing countries to develop their
economies and rise their standard of living, third world countries are not catching up with the
unprecedented development of globalization and even it makes harder to maintain their lives
and leads small companies to collapse.Even though the consumer class has grown rapidly
thanks to globalization, the members of this class are mostly the ones who live in developed
countries(Knickerbocker, 2004). In the article ‘Exiled to Cyberia’ Dixit (2003) gives an
example of inequality between poor and rich. He states that while only one person in every
10.000 people uses the internet in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, in America, one in three
people uses it. There are still many people who do not have access to electricity and safe
drinking water. Furthermore, developed countries build their factories to developing countries
due to cheap labor and the big part of the profit is taken by developed countries. This situation
increases the economic gap between first and third world countries.

Globalization has significant impacts on social life, it influences the life of people, family
and society. The one of the most important effects of globalization is advances in healthcare
field. In the article ‘Poverty and Environmental Degradation , Akin (2002) states that with the ...

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