Globalization And The Gender Of Women

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Class this semester was widely based on the ideas and problematic events in which revolve around the idea of globalization. This term, idea, or concept poses many negativities to the gender of women. Despite the media and the common portrayal that the idea of globalization is a positive thing for the world, in many instances it is causing great negativity for people, specifically women. Globalization can be applied to many aspects of culture but many times it is applied in terms of economics. In the patriarchal world in which exists when speaking about economics it is typically a male centered conversation due to the males typically being in lead roles of the work force despite many women in this country and well across borders in other countries being very highly educated and capable of carrying out such jobs. Many of these women who seek to be educated and successful in the workforce do not achieve their goals and fall back into their gender roles which goes against their personal goals. This was demonstrated very well by the case study of “Clashing Dreams: Highly Educated Overseas Brides and Low-Wage U.S. Husbands” written by Hung Cam Thai. Not only are these brides in which are talked about in this essay failing at their personal goals they are also failing at the goals in which Estelle B. Freedman discusses in her book No Turning Back. In this work she speaks much about transnational feminism and the objectives in which much be met to obtain equality rights for women transnational. The link between Freedman’s work and the study of Vietnamese brides marrying transnational is undeniable not for positive outcomes but for negative. By linking these two works not only will it show what needs to be done for women to obtain equal rights in the patriarchal society in which exists but will show why women, specifically Vietnamese women are not able to obtain these rights and forced into an oppressed life despite their achievements in education. The oppression in which is being faced is very problematic for these women, they cannot escape it nor hide from it, the structure must be broken down and replaced. This oppression in which is being faced by women transnational is directly related to colonialism as well as globalization.
In Freedman’s work she spoke much about what needs to be done in order for women to overcome the patriarchal system. In great length she speaks about how a joint party much be formed in which she calls transnational feminism. Because as everything strength is in numbers. She said that is women across borders formed together all fighting for the same cause that they will be able to overcome the atrocity in which women are facing and gain equal rights. In her essay she states, “Creating a transnational women’s movement requires that feminists overcome the legacies of colonialism. That challenging task means reaching across cultures without imposing Western notion of superiority and acknowledging multiple forms that both injustice...

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