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GLOBALIZATION and CULTUREIn this essay, I will have a look at the globalization era, America as almost the most important part of this era, cultural identities, nation-states, multiculturalism, and the situation of Turkey in this era.In today's world, we can connect to people around the world easily. Money, information, services, communication can easily be reached at any time at anywhere. When we have a look at old times, it is seen that now money, information and services flow more quickly and easily than those times. International communication, international travel, international information is more frequent than ever. We can say that local things are getting global ones. So it is the ...view middle of the document...

However, a contrasting trend soon became evident in the emergence of movements protesting against globalization and giving new momentum to the defense of local uniqueness, individuality, and identity, but largely without success. (Osterhammel Jurgen and P.Petersson Niels. Globalization: a short history. Trans. Dona Geyer. 2005. P.8)So, by looking at his statement of Jurgen and Nails, it is seen that America has a big importance in this era. Of course some people argue against globalization, and some others approve it.Globalization and culture are nowadays being used a lot. Cultural globalization can be said to gather different local cultures under a single roof. Some examples of this are the brands which are used everywhere around the world. And also we can say that technology, internet and communication make the world a global village. With that the world has entered in the process of a fast change and development day by day, the development process has also accelerated. This quick period of change whose base is provided by new communication techniques should be analysed globally. Thanks to technology which develops and advances rapidly, there has been a density of communication. The fact of globalization forms integrity between the social, economic, cultural and technologic developments. McLuhan has claimed that the developments on the electronic media and telecommunications make the world a global village. McLuhan has stated that new communication techniques have recreated the world in the proper form of the image of global village. The people, who know each other as if they lived together in a village, will perceive the world as a whole. The global village means that the world becomes homogeneous as a whole in the direction of a successful communication. With the period of globalization, the borders between the regions, the countries are being removed day by day and we can reach the whole world easily. With the chances which communications techniques provide many businesses can enter into the world markets rapidly. And many businesses have the chance of investing in overseas countries or getting into partnership with other businesses or companies, too. Brain waves on electronic and performing them into the industry has caused a global explosion of communication and information. Highly developed and centralized communication networks have reached toevery place, society and person. People can receive the information easily and quickly thanks to internet, which comes to mind firstly when talked about the communication techniques. Moreover, internet has offered many choices to us about the information we want. Thanks to the internet which knows no geographical borders on the earth, everything can reach all over the world with just a click. Many service and information units are dispatched to various networks on the web. The internet, having an interactive feature, has the characteristics of message retrieval and sending messages. Recycling is...

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