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In some countries, there has been an increase in the number of parents who educate their children at home instead of sending their children to general school. To discus both view, and to explain what is your personal opinion.
The past decade has showed a growing trend of parents teaching their children at home. Home school provide numbers of benefits that general school could not offer. In my personal opinion general school still shows some of negative phenomenon of social trend in education.
Home school can provide students with a safer and more comfortable study environment. And it can decrease the possibility with traffic accident or getting hurts when the children playing at school. In addition, the parents know more their children then any others, so they could provide their children with the teaching method that will be work with their children. Moreover, home school can avoid some of unhealthy issues in the general school, for example the stress form teacher and school bully from other students. Furthermore, teaching children at home can help parents build a better parents children relationship in the future. The intimacy within family is advisable for the development of spiritual wellness of children. Therefore, home schooling could offer children with a better study environment. Teaching children at home also have disadvantage with it. Children is believed to develop interpersonal skills at school with their classmates. Also, schools provide well-trained teachers, sound curriculum for different grades, and supporting facilities such as gym. More specifically, home school has limited resource to teach with their children at different age, children do not have a lot of chance to join all the major same like study in general school. Some parents may search study guide or work sheet by internet, but the parents still do not have the experience same as teachers. Teaching at home...

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