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According to the Scholte’s book entitled “Globalisation: a critical introduction”, the explanation of the word “Globalisation” is summarised in five aspects, that is, internationalisation, liberalisation, universalisation, modernisation, supraterritoriality (Scholte, 2000). In a simple way of thinking, Globalisation is towards to connect every country in the world together in both positive and negative way.

Samson and Raft (2005) defined that Organisational culture as a: ‘system of shared meaning within an organisation that determines, in large degree, how employees act’.
It relates to the group beliefs and values within the organisation focus on the common characters of the employees, and make the business differs to each other.

The organisational cultures approach to the different way as the development of globalisation. Due to the research work from Clayton and Fisher (2006), the organisational cultures could be affected by the environment. Globalisation is major issue in the world stage as well as influence people’s daily life.

Pheysey(1993) stated that there is no way that every organisation stands alone in the society. Oppositely, it has already become the fundamental element of the societies, economies, and countries. This essay will emphasize on the cultures of different organisations in the worldwide is becoming distinctive from each other under the pressure of globalisation.


First of all, the general environment is different in the world stage for each country. The concept of general environment also known as external environment is composed by several elements, that is, international, legal-political, economic, social cultural and technological factors which would have the indirect effects on the organisations (Samson and Daft, 2005).
The perfect example will be analysed is, Vogue, the leading fashion magazine for many years. It was first founded in the United States, but now, Vogue is publishing in 16 countries (Hill, 2004). The comparison between Vogue China and Vogue Australia will draw a clear picture based on this point. It will be divided into three aspects.
Firstly, the written languages of the magazines are different. It is obvious not everyone in china could understand the English version. It is making sense that even though Vogue is from the same root, it still have to adjust itself and meet the local customer need.
In the second place, the models and celebrities with the Chinese or Asian looking have the greater percentage in the appearances of Vogue China magazines, whoever the customers familiar with. In contrast, Vogue Australia is focus on the models and celebrities from western world, such as the gorgeous European runway models and Hollywood celebrities.
The last observation from these two magazines is the lifestyle in China and Australia is totally different. Therefore it influenced the promotion of the products in the magazines. Specifically, Vogue...

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