Globalization And Managerial Ethics Essay

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With the increasing popularity of Globalization companies are finding significant cost savings by outsourcing certain functions and job roles to other countries. This presents a variety of new challenges for management. Managers must now decide how to organize and schedule team/departmental meetings with people living in vastly different time zones. Should employees in one or more countries have to be greatly inconvenienced in order to accommodate the schedules of the employees in a different country, or should meetings be equally inconvenient for all parties concerned? Managers must also learn about and decide how to best handle issues such as language barriers, different customs and societal norms, different laws and legal systems, and different sets of national holidays et cetera.Often when companies outsource a department or function some or all of the employees who currently fulfill that role are laid off. This generally causes the remaining employees to resent the new employees or outsourcing provider. In these instances managers must learn which tactics to use in order to calm the existing employees, and how to best facilitate communication between the groups. This is even more difficult when the manager does not support the decision to outsource, but often times managers must do things they do not want to do because it is what is best for the organization.Managerial EthicsIn the wake of such scandals as those at WorldCom and Enron (Robbins & Coulter, 2007) in the early part of the decade and more recently Madoff Securities corporate responsibilities and ethics has become much more of a conspicuous issue. Making...

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