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Globalization And The Development Of Multinational Corporations

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We all know that globalization leads to the development of multinational corporations which corporations or enterprises manage the production and delivery of their products in more than one country. It is an important factor of globalization that it makes more competition in the local market. This can lead to the higher quality products that the consumers in the local market can benefit. And it also creates more job opportunities for local employees. Even though it can brings some disadvantages to the changes in the local consumers and their living environment.

Together with the appearance of more and more multinational corporations, it will bring some difficulties as the cultural ...view middle of the document...

’ Globalization brings both the good and the bad the developing countries, so it makes them consider and be careful with its influence (Hiscoz, 2007).

Because of the globalization, the managers in multinational corporations have to deal

with business ethics in their daily work (Singh, Jindal, & Samim, 2011). This issue had been investigated in their study in the organizations of international human resource management, international financial management, international marketing, production, and information and communication technology. This study concluded that ‘ethical business leadership is crucial for long term success of the organization’ (Singh, Jindal, & Samim, 2011). Therefore, the issue of business ethics is really essential in international trade, especially in multinational corporations.

The differences of cultures in managerial styles can make ‘a big impact in employee and

company performance’ (ELM Team, n.d.). Knowing the differences and how the cultural

differences influence your work will help you overcome many obstacles in your managing position. In their paper, ELM indicated the three differences in management culture between the US and China which affect a lot in doing business among organizations of two big and close trading partnerships. Three factors of their differences, ‘Responsibility and Accountability, Perception of time, and Individualism vs. Collectivism’ were investigated in their paper (ELM Team, n.d.). They are really important for any corporations or organizations in the world, not only the US who want to do business with China need to have a good understanding of Chinese culture to be more successful in doing business with Chinese.

To have a clearer view of managerial culture in China, we can have a look at the study by

Child & Warner (2003) on Culture and Management in China. They looked into the history of economical background, the societal culture, corporate culture, managerial...

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