Globalization And The Effect On Environment

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The globalization of industries can either benefit or harm the industry. It can benefit the industries by increasing their revenue or profit, establishing their product and operation in a new market outside their home country, lowering production cost, and creating jobs for the citizens in the host country which will impact the economy dramatically. However, globalization can harm an industry if government laws and regulations prevent them from entering the host country if they feel the industry will affect the well-being of the host country, if there are laws against charging low wages below the host country standard, if import and export is low where the industry will not market their product successfully, if the citizens within the host country does not have the desire to purchase the product the industry manufacture, the industry can cause tension with the host country, or the industry may cause environmental issues that will affect the environment and the host country’s living conditions. Although globalization can either have a positive or negative effect, industries still strongly believed that globalizing the business operations will be a huge successful for the business to make their product and strategy well-known, and it can strengthen the economy of both their home country and the host country by increasing imports and exports which will result in more demand that will increase their revenue.
There have been some industries that use the idea of globalization effectively, but the still faced some key problems from entering the host country. There were some key political involvement that benefited the globalization of those industries. These industries includes, aviation, energy, automotive, jewelry, sporting good, sugar and textile, shrimp, coffee, Internet, lumber, and airline.
The Aviation Industry
The trans-Atlantic-free-trade agreement between President Barack Obama, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso was finally establish. The agreement was enforced to address the possibility of having a wider range of bilateral trade without many investment issues between Europe and the United States. The agreement will benefit the Europe because the European Commission was in desperate need of this kind of agreement since Ireland EU presidency and Britain’s G-8 presidency will have election soon. The agreement will benefit the United States because President Obama did not have the authority to freely promote trade without Congress approval. However, trade is the main area where the Republicans, Democrats, Congress, and the President all share similar interest to implement a trade agreement. The agreement between the U.S. and Europe focused on two areas: it should first looked at market-access obstacles when it comes to tariffs, services, investments, and government procurements. The agreement hopes to remove tariff dilemmas on products like transport equipment and chemicals that...

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