Globalization And Health Essay

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Globalisation and Health

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Globalisation and Health


The impact of Globalisation on health is complex, having both positive and negative aspects. There is no doubt that the spread of Western medicine throughout the world and the implementations of global health programs have brought enormous benefits. At the same time, Globalisation has promoted patterns of dependency, development, settlement, and lifestyles that have been detrimental to health.

A key characteristic of Globalisation is that it promotes uneven development. All places become "core" or "peripheral" in relation to other places, as they become increasingly interconnected by trade, international flows of capital and investments, and by media promotion of the values, lifestyles, and material goods of the more-developed countries. Although there is perhaps a hierarchy of core countries, it is more useful from a health perspective to think of all of the more-developed countries as the global core, where the best health services and greatest range of lifestyle options are available. The periphery comprises the less-developed nations that have a dependent relationship with developed nations, but are unable to offer a comparable range of services and lifestyle options. Most peripheral of all are the poorest countries of Africa and Asia and the remote island nations of the Pacific.

The core/periphery pattern promotes both benefits and disparities in health. On the one hand, linkages between core and peripheral places facilitate the spread of knowledge about medicine and good health. On the other hand, global forces concentrate the best facilities in core places and reduce the options and choices available in the periphery. Although disparities in the general health of countries and regions and between individuals in a single society have always existed, globalisation intensifies disparities and increases the difficulty of achieving equity in health.

This core/periphery pattern is replicated within every nation, with each having its own core where the best services and most lifestyle options are to be found. Other places that are peripheral in relation to this core exist in a state of dependency that determines the services and lifestyle options available in outer areas. While wealthy countries may have the resources to ensure that health services in peripheral areas are of a high standard, less-developed countries tend to concentrate most of their resources in their core and offer only rudimentary services in peripheral areas.

The nature and pattern of disparities between core and peripheral areas, however, is sometimes unexpected and paradoxical. In particular, disadvantaged groups can be found within the most highly developed core areas, while the health of residents of the core...

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