Globalization And Work Essay

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Globalization and Work: The Role of Public Institutions

A sense of community and access to nature uplifts the everyday attitudes of people

which increase their quality of life. In a society where precarious employment is on the

rise it is necessary to have public infrastructure which promotes and supports a sense of

community to combat the negative emotions that have been associated with the rise of

precarious work (Lewchuck et al., 2013, pp. 76-79, 93). Having access to parks, hiking

trails, beaches, adequate transportation, fresh air, a quiet environment, and a sense of

security provides people with opportunities to build social capital and to form support


Being surrounded by leisure facilities such as, parks, community centers, municipal

beaches, and conservation centers provide residents, particularly those with lower

incomes, with activities that are enjoyable and cost effective. Many of the swimming pools

in Vancouver offer reduced rates for passes so that families can enjoy a day together at the

pool, staying active and building relationships (Zuberi, 2006, pp.118). . Many parks, hiking

trails, and beaches are free of cost so they are great alternatives to staying inside alone.

The municipality needs to be responsible for developing and maintaining these spaces

across the town or city to make them appealing and accessible. In order to accomplish this,

cities need to be designed with elaborate means of transportation that are expansive and

affordable. This allows people to travel farther for work, to network with people outside of

their direct neighbourhood, and to have more options as to where they live (Zuberi, 2006,

116, 119-120). People then have the opportunity to expand their networks which can be

useful when searching for jobs, learning new skills, discovering new daycares, and building

meaningful relationships.

The more community institutions and figures there are available, the more likely

people are to become involved resulting in a shared sense of community and lasting

relationships. In Sidewalk, Duneier describes the relationship between Hakim and a young

store clerk named Jerome. Their relationship was initiated through Jerome’s interest of

Hakim’s job selling used reading material on the streets of Greenwich Village. Jerome saw

Hakim daily and from that consistency derived feelings of comfort, interest, commitment,

security, and familiarity which inevitably led to their regular conversations and investment

in each other’s successes (Duneier, 1999, pp. 26-31). Hakim’s presence on the streets gave

him purpose and encouraged him to build relationships within his community.

In addition to this sense of community and social ties to one another comes a

feeling of security and safety. Many hotel workers interviewed in Vancouver reported

satisfaction with their neighbourhoods in terms of safety. Many stated that they all knew

and each other and would recognize a...

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