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Globalization, Efficiency And Loneliness Essay

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Today, we are in a globalizing world that connect different places around the world together for corporation. And the reason we are in this globalizing world is because it creates cheaper products. To illustrate, similar to the article "In China, the Human Costs That Are Built Into an iPad" in the New York Time by Charlies Guhigg and David Barboza, the iPhones are designed in America and made in China because Chinese factories can produce the iPhones faster and cheaper than American factories. In other words, globalization corporation is looking for efficiency in time and money. However, , this kind of efficiency is built on the worker's bad working condition, worker's low salary and lack of ...view middle of the document...

(6-7) With these rule that makes the workers work faster and talked less, not only the factory can produce the product faster, but also can dock money from the workers for silly things such as being a few minutes late on the morning or taking a half day off for feeling sick as Chang described(113). All these facts points out that this kind of "efficiency" job not only make their bodies rebelled for this over massive workload and pressure working condition, but it also creates loneliness for them at job as they cannot even talk. In conclusion, there's no time and money for these factory workers to make friend on their daily factory jobs because assembly line is looking for efficiency not vitality.
Not only they weren't able to make friend during daytime at their jobs, but it's also hard for them to make friends after work because the cost of a friendship is so high. To illustrate, the factory workers usually live in factory dorms for cheaper rents and the factories would also recommend it for saving their time on transportation. However, since dorms are public places, factories ban overnight visitors and getting caught will mean a large fine(37). This emphasizes that if one have a factory friend who leave her job and still looking for job and she care her friend, she would have to take the risk to let her friend spend over night in her dorms since her friend has no place to live. This factory rule creates difficulty for the factory workers to help each other and make friends. Just like I point out above, it's not the factory's fault to implement this rule because dorms are public places, and there are up to 10 to 12 people living in a dorm. Thus, no one should have the right to bring more people in to disturb the rests. However, it's also not the factory workers' fault to choose to stay in a public dorm place because they have no choice. First, these migrant factory workers don't have enough money to live somewhere else. Second, since the working hour in the assembly line is that long, they have to wake up very early in the morning. So even they have the money to move out, that's still impossible for them to wake up even earlier to get to work. As a result, factory workers feel loneliness during work and after work is because globalization seek so much of efficiency in money and time.
Furthermore, many factories create unnecessary hierarchy structure inside factories because they believe it is the best structure in ruling a large population of workers, and many hierarchy positions can create illusion that the workers are moving up to a better position in factory as they do longer so factories can keep their workers working in the factories with low wages. For example, as Chang describes, "in Yue Yuen factory, the biggest factory in DongGuang, almost all of the company's managers, from supervisors of single lines to the heads of whole factories, are rural migrants who started out on the assembly line. An intricate hierarchy orders...

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