Globalization Of The Auto Industry: Competition And Cooperation

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The invention of automobiles has been success in world history. It’s even been said that the invention of the automobile took place in United States. American Auto industries such as The Model T Ford and General Motors launched great success in the beginning of the manufacturing of cars. The gasoline automobiles have dominated over the lands and have made the world smaller. Cars became mass-produced into the auto industries across countries. Essentially, cars became a part of our cultures because cars are necessary for movement and mobility from one location to another. According to Peter Wells, a Professor of Business and Sustainability at Cardiff University, asserts that “cars are cultural objects, imbued or attributed with values and meanings by those that own them and those that look upon them” (64-65). Cars are symbols of the consumer society. Fundamentally, these cultural objects embody and represent a sense of safety, mobility, and freedom. Many people all over the world are buying and using cars because they are products of globalization. The process of globalization has effects “on the environment, on culture, on political systems, on economic development, and on humans’ physical well-being in societies around the world” according to Lianna Amirkhanyan, a translator and specialist of cross-Cultural communication (2). In pursing the field of Global Cultures, the main goal as taught in courses at UCI is to explore the problems and processes of globalization from a humanistic perspective. Cars are global products and should be dealt with in a global perspective. Global products and environmental issues impact us directly and indirectly because we are part of the world.
It is the responsibility of the governments and automobile industries to work together and to try to solve the problem of carbon emissions. The negative sides of the automobiles cannot only be collective, but the collection of the positive sides should also be appreciated with a global perspective. Can the feeling of success and safety of owning a car be directed to environmental sustainability? Both competition and cooperation should be mutually pursed. Despite competition between U.S. auto industry and European Industry, the need to improve carbon emissions is a unified effort between the international forces. The potential for connection in the competition is to try to see if the automobile industries can distinctively pursue a common good to make an environmental improvement by racing to generate efficient products that the globalized world can effectively still use.
As a result of globalization, international competition has developed at a large scale in industries, particularly in the U.S and European Auto Industries. According to Xiaohua Yang, an independent researcher in the International Motor Vehicle Program at MIT, claims that “auto manufacturing is one of the industries which corporations and nations have opened for global linkages to achieve competitiveness”...

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